What percentage of dopers are willing to go to dopefests?

Friends and parents of mine also laughed, or were worried, and thought I was insane. I couldn’t care less what they thoght, though, since I was dying to finally see these people that I’d been conversing with for so long. I just wish we weren’t so pathetic at organising stuff, otherwise we’d probably have them more often :slight_smile:

I would go, if there were ever one in my area of the globe. Unlikely, as I live in Northern BC, and I think that the closest dopers to this area are either in Vancouver, or in Calgary/Edmonton. I lack a vehicle so that puts driving anywhere out of the question as well.

Now, why would I go? I probably would get flak from those I know. Heck I feel like an uber geek just mentioning this place in meatspace. I am turning into a bit of a social whore though. I used to hate going to bars and the such, and know I love it. Mind you I haven’t been for a while, after having my ID stolen along with my wallet, and being an out of work student causes some problems as well. It would be a wicked blast though. Just going on how smart and funny everybody is one the boards, it would be so much better in person with a couple of drinks in me.

My question is though, would it be weird for me to go with nobody knowing who I am? I seriously doubt anyone would recognize my name doodle bobber thingee if I told them, and I would feel kind of weird after that? What say you dopers, what is the policy concerning lurkers at Dopefests?
Oh, and if anybody finds themselves travelling through Prince George, drop me a line, I’m always up for going out for a beer. Mmmm… Beer.

lel, I had no problem figuring out who you were when I met you.

And BTW, while I’m not flirting

Ice Wolf is most definitely female, Lobsang and a wonderful person, isn’t she :slight_smile:

Darwin’s Finch, I’d love to chat with you IRL ! I’m not much of a drinker either, but alas, location-wise it will probably never happen.

Give it a go, Lobsang, what do you have to lose ? A few hours ?

There is no policy. Everyone is by definition invited.

Really?? I am there!
Yes, Ice Wolf is a rare breed. wonderful too.

A few hours? Did you forget travelling time? The world is a big place.

(probably should have added a few quotes in there. sorry)

IMHO I find it a bit tiring that people are still considering meeting people you’ve met on the internet odd in any fashion. I mean, we have the ability to get to know more people around the world today, than humans ever have (via the internet). So why would you want to limit yourself to only “traditional” friends? Seems to me you’d be cutting off an entire world of potential friends and acquaintances, simply because of their geographic location. Just doesn’t make sense to me, heh.

If my wife heard I was going to a "dope"fest she would lock me up thinking I am back to my bad old druggy days :slight_smile:

But seriously, what do you talk about at a fest? I enjoy reading trivia questions and great debates here, but do you get into “Are banana skins really slippery” or “Why can’t you stop on a parkway or drive on a driveway” sort of thing? Weather, politics, house prices?

I guess I really on feel comfortable talking with people that I have something in common with, -work hobbies- etc and wouldn’t have a clue what to chat about for a day or two with complete strangers

Ever been to a party where you didn’t really personally know everyone there? It’s the same thing, with everyone at least having a common ground. There seems to be a common bond most of us here share here. Friendliness, intelligence and geekiness abound.

Personally I’ve met several people that are now a permanent part of my life and will be so for a very long time. And I’ve yet to meet anyone I wouldn’t hang out with. Take a chance.

but I hate hate parties where I don’t know anyone.

I’m much the same way - it’s easy for me to find a reason not to go, but once I made myself go, I had a good time and enjoyed meeting the folks I met.

Of course, since East Tennessee 'fests are rare, moving here has given me the perfect excuse. :wink:

FEH! Yes, computers are so bloody wonderful because you can speak with people all around the world and then refuse to actually meet them because it’s too “real.”

I live hours away from all my friends and family, so when the chance came to meet some new people, I jumped. Billdo posted for another Thurday Dopedinner in NYC, and since that is less than an hour away for me, I said “what the hey.”

I was still very new, with only maybe three hundred posts at most, and my wife had never even seen the boards, but we’re people who like to make friends and do things so off we went.

We walked in, sat down, and in four minutes were embroiled in great conversations with actual faces to go with the names I’d seen on the computer.

In the last couple years I’ve gone to a great many real life meetings with Dopers and made some absolutely wonderful friends - who I actually “talk” to every day on the SDMB whereas I rarely ever speak with my IRL friends back home.

With any luck I’ll be able to see the NY folks again on Friday, but I just don’t know yet.

What do people talk about at Dopefests? A little bit of board gossip, of course, with a smattering of current events, funny anecdotes, sex, politics, history, computers, work, travel, sports, sex, relationships, parenting, trivia, geekiness, sex…

That’s exactly what makes 'fests so great. I’ve gotten to meet and put faces to so many of the people whose posts I enjoy so much. It gives reading the boards so much more depth, because I’ve gotten to know so many of y’all IRL.

Oh, come on Geobabe, don’t lie to us. You’ve never met anyone worthwhile and a Doper gathering or had anything good happen because of the folks you’ve met.

I rarely drink because alcohol puts me to sleep. I’ve attended 3 DopeFests and drank water at all 3. And talked and laughed and hugged and listened to some very entertaining tales. Just like most any other social event I’ve ever attended. There are some people I’ve connected with and others who just didn’t click - just like in any other social situation. I had fun and I’m hoping to attend more as time goes by.

I’ve also met 3 different Dopers in three separate situations totally unrelated to DopeFests. They’re just like regular people. Even Billdo!! :smiley: I even intend to have a DopeFest at my next house when it’s finally built.

Now, Bill, it really isn’t our place to discuss her displeasure and general mopey-ness at our little shindigs.

Cool as they are, they just aren’t for everyone.

It’s tougher when your SO looks at you surfing the SDMB and says “What the hell do you see in that”? She just doesn’t get it. I don’t know about that woman. She didn’t even laugh at The horror of Blimps. I still managed a short visit to PorkDope. She thought I was wierd. Well, wierd in a wierd way, not the standard wierd good.

I always let them come and go, even though I entertain the idea of going. I fel like everyone will know eachother but me.

(reading this thread is very interesting, just to get pic of what dopefest might involve.)