What percentage of woman have never had an orgasm?

I know that there are a large chunk of the female sex who enjoy having sex, but have never had an orgasm. Did Kinsey or any other sexologist ever determine what percentage of woman have never had orgasms?

This site says:

12%, huh? So what does that mean? I mean, saying that the problem isn’t technique, what else would it be?

It could possibly be something as simple as blood flow in the region. I believe I remember reading what appeared to be a scientific article about women who had never had an orgasm suddenly being able to have one while they were pregnant.

But I’ll leave it to a Dr. to expound on that. Or a good Googler.

Are some women just unable to have an orgasm?

Whoa, whoa, slow down…now women can have orgasms, too? When did this happen?

I think in some cases it’s psychological for whatever reason…some people are just more sexually inhibited.

The Hite Report was blasted as being wildly unscientific and unreliable in its methodology when published, and has been criticized ever since.

This criticism is based on the assumption that Shere Hite actually used the methodology she described. Some years after its initial publication, an ex-boyfriend of Hite’s and some of his friends claimed that they made up most of the questionnaire answers, and, if IIRC, were fairly drunk a good deal of the time as they did so.

Hite (a former Playboy model who isn’t really named Shere Hite), ran into further embarassment when reporters for national publications tried to interview her about these allegations. Her maid kept telling them that Ms. Hite wasn’t home. The only thing is, as Time and/or Newsweek reported at the time, some of the reporters were ready to swear that the maid was Ms. Hite, pretending that she wasn’t.

By and large, The Hite Report appears to be what it was marketed as: an instance of what Playboy Magazine in its premiere issue called “pious pornography”; a chance to read tittilating material, aimed at women readers, presented as pop social science. (Of course Playboy has printed its share of that over time as well, in addition to more honest forms of porn.)

None of which, of course, answers the OP, but does suggest that one ought to go to some source besides The Hite Report for data.