What percentage of YOU straight/bi men would rape a woman?

I’m not sure if I opened up a can worms by claiming that I’m envious of the female sex’s ability to get laid on demand, but it’s led to this thread. As an answer, this poll is for straight guys or guys of any orientation that would normally not be averse to sleeping with women.

Tell us a little about your background and current demographics. Some oddballs in the other thread suggested that half or more of us are potential rapists!

Just as in the other thread, I won’t define “rape” for the purposes of this poll; feel free to clarify what you mean when you vote yes or no.

(Answers in the poll are anonymous, by the way.)

No, I would not force a women to have sex with me against her will, legal and socially sanctioned or not.

Yes, but any responses that are clarified in an accompanied post won’t be, leading to very real complications.
Sorry, but I’ve got to close this poll.