What phrases won't Ted Cruz use?

Ted Cruz’s big stump fireworks seem to be denouncing Obama for not using the phrase, “radical Islamic terrorists.” Fair enough, but there are lots of pertinent phrases I am noticing Ted Cruz is not uttering.

For instance, “tax and revenue increase”. The debt is a big problem, and citizens sure would be less alarmed if they knew there was a way to actually pay it off without abandoning Social Security and Medicare.

“Racist neo-fascist demagogue.” C’mon, how can anyone understand this election cycle without that one?

“Credulous, easily led, Confederate-flag waving, bible-thumping yokel.” Ted Cruz, I demand that you utter these words!!! :mad:

What phrases have you noticed Ted Cruz not uttering, dear reader?

I think you may have found the Achilles heel of TC’s campaign. Once this gets out, his campaign will implode within days.

Commie Buttfuckers? I’m pretty sure he hasn’t used that one.

And once you go Bakunin, you never go back.

Collector, collected, collection…but never collective.

Given how vehemently anti-gay he is, I’m surprised I’ve not heard him utter the words “Take me up the ass right here in this stall”, perhaps whispered into the hidden microphone of an undercover store detective.

Store detective?!! Republicans don’t go in stores – let the poor people do the shopping!

Republicans use publicly-funded private transportation places, like airport stalls. Ask ex-Sen. Larry Craig. Ask George Rekers. Etc.

“Radicalized right-wing conservative Christians” comes to mind.

“You thought I really meant all that crazy shit?! How dumb are you people?!”

“I’m withdrawing from the race”

“I’m proud to introduce my new campaign manager, Try2B Comprehensive

“O Canada, we stand on guard for thee!”

“Dang, and I was gonna ask Palin to be my running-mate…”

“I wouldn’t even vote for me”

Thread winner.

One you’ll never hear him say? Here: “My honorable opponent…”

Hey, it’s over, Colibri won, forget it.

“Radical Christianity”

“Radical Christianist Clerics” You know, like Hagee and the Bakkers and Huckabee.

“The Christian War on America”

“Hi! I’m Ted Cruz, and my campaign headshot looks like Grandpa Munster’s cum face.”

Actually, that’s been noticed before.