What place does the SDMB hold on your favorites list?

I’m in the process of moving from AOL :mad: to NeoPlanet, and it is now #4. :slight_smile:

#1, has been practically since I got this computer, and it has it’s own folder.

Which is usually right where the cursor lands when I first click on “Bookmarks” :slight_smile:

It’s not on my favourites list!

Da dum!
I don’t use bookmarks for sites I visit every day. My homepage is a homecooked HTML page of links, resident on my C Drive. Click “Home” and I’ve got all the sites I go to regularly. And yes, the SDMB occupies a pretty prominent spot up at the top.

Feh, posers! I use Opera as my web browser and as such I have it set so that whenever I launch Opera it automatically loads GQ, GD, CS, IMHO, MPSIMS, and The BBQ Pit, each in their own seperate window! Beat that! :stuck_out_tongue:

Well dang, I feel bad now.

Don’t feel bad, hillbilly, it takes time for the addi-- er, Dope, er Boards, to grow on you to the point where you ha-- er, want to do that! :wink:

Erm…I’m not as bad off as Tuckerfan. I just have Opera set up to launch the main screen of the boards when it opens.

But the SDMB link sits second from the left on my little taskbar of links. Ooh. Ah.


for me it is in a special folder that holds the small (two or three)
pages which I visit on an (at least) daily basis.

oh, pooh, I shold have said small list of pages.
Like other folks here have said many, many times,

It’s not in my favorites. It’s on an my AOL toolbar.

Numero Uno.

That’s my 2 pesos’ worth and I’m sticking to it.

buenos noches,

The Straight Dope is my browser home. So there.

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I think I’ll look into this “Opera”, NeoPlanet is nice but it’s missing some of the “bells & whistles” that I’m used to on AOL . Like the multiple windows that ** Tuckerfan** mentioned.
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www.opera.com You might need to download the java version, unless you’ve got a recent AOL CD with java on it. E-mail me if you have problems.

I’m with you, TN*. The Dope is my browser’s home page.

As with matt_mcl and Ruby, my browser has the SDMB for its homepage.