What pointless things do your SO say over and over, that you love?

The opposite of this thread, I guess.

I had a girlfriend once who would always look at me out of the blue and ask: “What’s wrong?”

Just in the middle of a conversation, or while we were lying in bed. For no reason at all. There’s *nothing *wrong. I’m fine. Why would you think something is wrong?

And I’d simply tell her: “Nothing”. And then she was fine, completely satisfied with that answer. She never pressed me on it or pursued the issue. The first few times I did ask her: “Why would you think something is wrong?” She just answered: “No reason. Never mind.”

Just randomly, with no context: “What’s wrong?” “Nothing.” And everything was fine. I have no idea why she needed to check in on me like that.

So, this is the kind of thing that might go in that other thread. But for some reason, although I can see how it might bug the heck out of someone else, it never annoyed me. So I just let her keep saying it to me. And now, whenever I think of her, I think of her saying that. And it feels like a little verbal kiss. I miss that weird quirk.

Anyway, I’m fine. I’m not heartbroken or anything, it was a long time ago.

Any examples of this sort of thing from you guys?

My wife often says, “You’re one of the good guys, Rhymer.” Which, in the history of my life, has been untrue more often than not, and she knows that. But she doesn’t care about what I used to be, only what I am now–or, more accurately, what I’m trying to be.