What Political Correspondant Gets You Going?

Am I the only one who’s hot for Karen Finney?
She certainly not the stereotypical tiny little thing we usually see on TV, but DAMN she wears it well.

NBC’s boyish but swashbuckling foreign correspondent Richard Engel: http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lfv0cxgpQP1qze8x6o1_500.jpg

*Please *don’t get all blowed-up.

Dear lord Eve! As a straight man I have to say that boy sure is pretty :smiley:
And I really don’t know why but for some odd reason “swashbuckling” seems to fit him perfectly.

When Richard Engel and Brian Williams have a, umm, “two-way” on the news, I have thoughts. And since they are usually talking about massacres in Syria or Lebanon, I have to put it on mute and pretend they are talking about me.

Wow, I clicked on the Engel link thinking it’d be some sorta-pretty-in-a-squint-your-eyes sort of way, but that man is grade-A certified hunk.

Oh man. Richard Engel can buckle my swashes anytime he wants. (picture my eyebrows flapping)

Yum. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_NEHP8QxQcX4/StM-MQxhZaI/AAAAAAAAFOo/9d1i2V3BHXA/s320/Richard_Engel_t220.jpg

Yum. http://newsbusters.org/media/2006-10-24-NBC-Tday-Engel.jpg

And yum. http://i.ytimg.com/vi/HGXtJfw-iR4/0.jpg

He does look good in blue, doesn’t he?

My, my, my (as granny used to say).

Thanks, Eve.

Krystal Ball, who often appears on MSNBC. They introduce her as a Democratic strategist.

Ari Shapiro looks as good as he sounds on NPR.

“Krystal Ball?!” She sounds like a stripper at the Troc!

I’ve been a little in love with Christiane Amanpour since Gulf War I, even more so when I saw her on Craig Ferguson recently. She’s as old as I am, but, unlike me, wears it well.

I came in to mention Ari. When I first saw a photo of him I was sort of outraged that someone that pretty was working radio and that I’d been listening to him for years without knowing. Sadly, he’s married.

OMG, I thought I was the only one. When he’s on TV, he could be announcing the end of the world, but in my head I hear a steamy romance novel scene playing out with images of him…

Oh, wow, even the sight of him in that picture makes my mind click into ‘total chic’ mode… tabs back to linked picture

Alex Wagner’s easy on the eyes.

Do they have to be current, or can we go into the archives? I always thought Campbell Brown was smokin’.

Even though she makes me think,“So pretty, SOO stupid,” I think Michelle Malkin is attractive.

Does Anderson Cooper count?
'cause he makes me wish I were a gay man. <3

I know!

Richard Engel: "A suicide bomb attack in Egypt today killed 28 people, including a mother and her newborn . . . "

Eve: "He’s so *dreeeeeaaaamy *. . . "

Yes, I could totally hate-fuck her.