What questions should be on the SDMB moderator application?

Inspired by this thread which mentioned an application.

What questions should be on the SDMB moderator application?

My submissions:

  1. Are you willing to swear to uphold the legend of the great Cecil and swear to never blaspheme his name?

  2. Would you ever support making any vBulletin feature changes to the SDMB? (consider answer carefully)

  1. Do you have a life?
  2. Do you ever intend on having a life?
  • What is 14 k in a p f d*?

  • What three common words in English that end with -gry?

  • What is correct answer to every music question?


*or whatever the heck that stupid abbreviation is.

Do you prefer Scotch or chocolate for bribes?

Manny people ask me and now I wonder why do we drive on parkways and park on driveways?

What size jackboot would you require?

“Are you now, or have you ever been a member of the Communist Party?”

You see an “insult” in CS, e.g., in a Simpsons thread: “You couldn’t fool your mother on the foolingest day of your life if you had a electrified fooling machine.”

Do you:

A. Warn the poster.
B. Giggle to yourself.

Why can’t it be both?*

*I am not a CS mod.

Paper or plastic?
Does that refer to the bag type or payment type?

  1. Are you banned?

  2. Are you on a treadmill?

  3. Hi, ________.

What is your name?

What is your quest?

What is the capital Assyria?

“Are you now, or have you ever been, completely out of your mind?”

  1. Have you ever been denounced from the pulpit by a Bishop? If so, how’d you take it?

  2. Snake handling? A thing with you?

  3. Sleep. How much do you REALLY need, anyway?

Where did Noah keep the woodpeckers?

What was the biggest lie you told?

How many synonyms for ‘thesaurus’ can you think of?

“You’ve actually read the SDMB at some point, right?”

No no, Moderators are Jacbooted Nazis, so it should be:

Are you now, or have you ever been a member of the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei?

Do you have time to respond to six pages of idiocy in the ATMB forum for giving someone a mod note (not even a warning) for some inconsequential issue that most sane people would brush off in a millisecond?

That one’s already on it.:wink:

Where are you on the spectrum?