What Religion are you? Which should you be?

Wasn’t sure if this should be here, or MPSIMS, but I’ll post it here, since I’d like to see y’all’s results.

The Spiritual Path Selector

FTR, it thinks I should be a Neo-Pagan, although Unitarian Universalist is close behind.

I took the test the last 2 times somone posted it. I am a protestant. Liberal to mainstream protestant was my highest score, liberal quaker was also pretty high.

Neo-pagan with a tie between Theravada Buddhist and Mahayana Buddhist for second.

Most interesting.

Lowerst score - Jehovahs Witness = 0

My Athiest/Agnostic (self-proclaimed) score was 32
My original religion Roman Catholic score was 16.

::goes off to meditate on this for awhile::

My test results said “Mainline to Conservative Protestant,” which just happens to be exactly what I am. Tied for second were Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic :eek:! Nothing against either of those faiths, but I never thought I would find either of them as close second to my beliefs. Hmmmm…

That’s a hard test. They should have an “All of the above” option for those questions.

My top 5, with score: Mahayan Buddhist (100), Theravada Buddhist (91), Neo-Pagan (87), Liberal Quaker (75), and Unitarian Universalist (75).

I was a religion major for quite awhile, and I am very comfortable in my beliefs… When I took that test from the link you provided (thanks tengu) I got results I expected…

Unitarian Universalist …click to learn more (score=100)
Neo-Pagan …click to learn more (score=96)
New Age …click to learn more (score=90)
Hindu …click to learn more (score=75)
Liberal Quaker …click to learn more (score=75)
Mahayana Buddhist …click to learn more (score=75)
Theravada Buddhist …click to learn more (score=75)

except Liberal Quaker… WTF?

oh yeah, my Jehovah’s Witless was ZERO as well.

punk snot dead,

I would consider myself a secular humanist.
My top 3 are:
Theravada Buddhism 100
Uniterian/Universalism 96
Secular Humanism 91

I’m going to read about Buddhism…there was a lot in the description they gave that I didn’t know and that’s interesting to me.

Neo-Pagan = 100%
Unitarian Universalist = 98%
New Age = 96%

I’ve taken this before, when it was posted on an e-mail list that I’m on. Neo-Pagan was at the top of my results list, closely followed by Liberal Quaker, I think. Also, I’m apparently more Jewish than I am Catholic, even though I was raised Catholic.

It’s interesting that a lot of people, going by results I’ve seen posted here at various times and on that other list, come up with high Neo-Pagan scores…

Apparently, I’m:

  Reform Judaism ...click to learn more (score=100)
  Unitarian Universalist ...click to learn more (score=100)
  Liberal Quaker ...click to learn more (score=92)
  Atheist/Agnostic...click to learn more (score=85)
  Humanist ...click to learn more (score=85)
  Sikhism ...click to learn more (score=85)

My lowest score is Jehovah’s Witness, with 28

Boy, will my Catholic mother be disappointed in her son:
Roman Catholic …(score=23)

My Top Five:
Liberal Quaker …(score=100)
Unitarian Universalist …(score=98)
Neo-Pagan …(score=83)
Mainline to Liberal Protestant…(score=80)
Mahayana Buddhist …(score=76)

In reality, I lean more towards Buddhism than anything else. Liberal Quaker??? I figured that’d be an oxymoron!

Unitarian Universalist - 100
Liberal Quaker - 90
Humanist - 85
Neo-Pagan - 85
New Age - 74
and at the bottom
Eastern Orthodox - 9
Islam - 9
Jehovah’s Witness - 9
Orthodox Judaism - 9
Roman Catholic - 9
I was brought up Humanist, by parents who were brought up Methodist and Protestant.

I consider myself Unitarian Univeralist.

Hmm, very interesting.

Unitarian Universalist (score=100)
Mainline to Liberal Protestant (score=96)
Liberal Quaker (score=95)
Mainline to Conservative Protestant (score=95)
Baháí (score=91)

My low score is Scientology (score=0)

Mahayana Buddhist at 100. Dead-on test!

The test seems pretty accurate–I’m an eclectic Wiccan. Are Liberal Quakers a catch-all for liberal beliefs?

Neo-Pagan (score=100)
Unitarian Universalist (score=97)
Liberal Quaker (score=89)
New Age (score=88)
Humanist (score=82)

Tied at the bottom with scores of 10 are: Mainline to Conservative Protestant, Eastern Orthodox, Islam, Jehovah’s Witness, and Roman Catholic. Hey, did I just find a clue as to why I was unpopular with the (almost exclusively Southern Baptist) religious population of my home town?

Rosebud, I suspect the high incidence of Neopagan and UU results reflect the liberal tendencies of the people on these boards. We’re a rather unruly bunch and are less likely than the average RL group to choose authoritarian answers. Also, I think that Neopagans are disproportionately represented on the Net as a whole. You’d likely get very different results (and possibly some outright lies :slight_smile: ) if you tried this thread over on the LBMB.

What, no Church of the Invisible Pink Unicorn? (Blessed be her hooves!)

Every time I take this test, I am predominantly Neo-Pagan.
IRL, I either go to a Unitarian Universalist church, or a Quaker meeting. This Christmas, I’ll be in Chicago, and I hope I’ll have a chance to get to the Evanston Friends meeting.:slight_smile:

Test results:

Unitarian Universalist - 100%

I am:

Greek Orthodox

Humanist …click to learn more (score=100)
Unitarian Universalist …click to learn more (score=90)
Atheist/Agnostic…click to learn more (score=80)
Liberal Quaker …click to learn more (score=63)
Neo-Pagan …click to learn more (score=61)

You guys will LOVE this one…

My top two were Unitarian Universalist and Neo-Pagan. I don’t remember the order, but they were #1 and #2.

I’m a Southern Baptist. :smiley: