What religion is this minister?

In “Signs” (lousy movie) Mel Gibson plays a lapsed minister who:
Wore the white collar like a Roman Catholic priest
Is addressed as “Father”
Hears confessions
Was married, with children.

How many (Christian) religions would those qualities fit?

Episcopalion comes to mind. I don’t know if Methodist or Lutheran ministers get addressed as ‘Father’ or not.

& IIRC, there are some priests from the Anglican Communion who’ve converted to the Roman Catholic Church–even if they’re married & have children–and have been ordained priests in that church.

My roommate is Episcopalian, and the description you give fits his descriptions of church fairly well. From what I can tell (being an ex-Catholic myself) Episcopalian is, by and large, Catholicism without the Pope.

Just a little follow-up…

I guess the other major difference would be that Episcopalian ministers are allowed to get married. The aforementioned roommate has an uncle who is a minister and has a wife and kids.

I’m an Episcopalian, and one of my closest friends is an Episcopalian priest - female, married, with children. I told her the characterization of the priest in ‘Signs’ was about as deep as the characterization of the Alien creature in Signs. If you saw the movie - the creature wore a big green suit. That was the extent of the characterization. Same goes for the priest.

I did enjoy Signs, though.

Well, I used to be an Episcopalian; however, I wouldn’t really call it “Catholocism without the Pope.” There are just a few more differences than that.

I have an Anglican friend who’s father is an Anglican Priest. He wears the white collar, and is married with a child. I’m pretty sure he is referred to as “Father” (and not just by my friend ;)), but I could be mistaken.

From the publicity about the movie, he was supposed to be an Episcopalian priest.

I’m not sure about the ‘Father’ mode of address; the two Anglican ministers at my uncle’s funeral (one male, one female) were addressed as ‘Reverend’. They wore the special collar (as well as a cassock and surplice). I don’t know whether they were married or with children…