What’s the best gnutella clone out there?

I used to use Morpheus, but I stopped when they asked me to downgrade to their new ‘preview’ version. Which apps are still popular?

I use Limewire. Pretty good selection, though it installs adware. However, i use Ad-awre to remove it and ignore the “Do you want to upgrade to the new version?” prompts that it gives you when you remove the adware.

E-donkey is pretty cool too, though it’s best for getting movies, not music or programs.


You are ever so welcome.


Hm. I thought this was going to be about Nutella. I like Nutella better than Patillia, but Nutella is $2.79/371g. at Trader Joe’s and Patillia is $0.99/400g at Pic-N-Save.

thank you ever so much welby1

I used to use the limewire also, but i like audiogalaxy better for music. At the moment i’m looking for a good client for movies and apps. Does anyone use the Morpheus preview version? Is it any good? What about its sister, Kazaa? WinMX and edonkey look promising though.

Note to Mods: Myself and the rest of the upstanding doper community only use these applications to download backups of music, movies, and software that we have already purchased in the manner permitted by their TOS.


p.s. Johnny L.A. I love Nutella

Useful information.

Kazaa is pretty cool, but it also installs adware/spyware such as Cydoor and something called the B3D Projector. However, you can get around this with some stuff found at http://www.cexx.org/main.htm . Kazaa is great for movies, apps, etc. Hope this helps.