What SDMB replacements are you using/know of?

Now that the SDMB is going the pay route and people are dropping in significant numbers (including a good number of the Trek dopers), what internet nooks and crannies will you hide out in? (Yes, I know, bad grammar).

As a person of ambivalent SDMB-staying-ness, I (of course there’s an element of self-interest here) would personally like to know of a Great Debates substitute.

Hmm…I’d say that I’d go to Fark. Any others?

You can have debates at The Grand Forum over at the Fathom boards. We don’t allow personal flaming, though :wink:

Aside from fathom, a lot of other SDMB people also hang out at the Unaboard.

There’s “The Grand forum” on www.fathom.org. That’s about as close to GD as you can get.