What should I get Kim Kardashian for her wedding?

So many awesome choices in her registry.

Should I get the $7,850 extra large vase?. The $380 jam jar?. The $780 carving fork?. Decisions, decisions.

For an extra bit of fun, you can always check out the registry of Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom and marvel at the fact that they not only registered for a 9 inch tall amber tiger that cost $6,500 but that someone actually got it for them.

I guess you may be a little late for the original, otherwise, I think she’d look great in Princess Beatrice’s Fascinator. Maybe you could get one in pink.

If you truly have contempt for the Kardashians and their ilk, the best thing you could have done was refrained from making a thread that would necessarily increase their name-recognition.

If you don’t, I hate you.

9" tall amber tiger? I’ll get her a 12" amber dildo instead.

So she can go fuck herself!

Got the rest of the items covered…$182,880.50 + tax…but someone already beat me to a steak knife and a napkin.

I have a friend (or rather, my SO has a friend) who is currently registered for a $2,000 rug.

Cheapest thing on the registry: Ugly ass napkins for $12.50. I call dibs!

There is a special place in hell for obscenely rich people asking for insanely expensive crap in wedding registries. These are the sort of people who have cash bars at the reception.

Can somebody explain to me what these women are famous FOR? I’ve heard of them, know they appear in a TV show, but I don’t really know what they do.

I once heard that Zsa Zsa Gabor was “famous for being famous” Is that how it is with the Kardashians?

I dislike them for being vapid, useless stains on the face of the earth, but the Kardashians are wealthy. Their friends and families are wealthy. So their wedding registries reflect this. None of their social peers are going into hock to get any of these gifts. Or should they have set up a registry at Wal*Mart so as not to offend your sense of propriety?

I didn’t see a Cluestick listed on there.

We’re already giving her the greatest present of all: attention.

How about some class? Too bad they don’t sell that…

The Kardashian sisters are the daughters of Robert Kardashian, who was one of OJ Simpson’s lawyers during his murder trial. The family got a reality show, and in the manner of most reality shows, the stars became famous in a “can’t-get-away-from-it” way. Basically, they’re famous for being famous.

Don’t forget the homemade porno.

Did they get the show before or after Robert Kardashian died and Kris married Bruce Jenner?

Maybe the post-office screwed up, but I haven’t gotten my invitation.

I was going to say that the traditional gift would be a diamond ring set in gold. Unless of course the OP isn’t the fellow marrying her?

As to why they’re famous, near as I can unravel it, Robert Kardashian’s status as a high-profile lawyer was enough to get Kim into Paris Hilton’s social circle, then people started noticing that that one girl Paris hung out with was also pretty hot, and right around the time folks were noticing this, a sex tape involving Kim got leaked out, bringing the attention on her to a focus. From there, it was all “famous for being famous” stuff like Dancing with the Stars and the reality TV series.

I remember when Liza Minelli married that one guy with the really tight, weird-looking face. They had a similar or worse registry, and the media picked up the story.

In particular I remember the late-night comedians making fun of the outdated items on the registry - fingerbowls, salt cellars, lemon forks and olive spoons, that sort of thing. It was comedy gold.

Especially when they broke up about 5 minutes later.

They divorced in 1989, she married Jenner in 91, he died in 2003 and the show started in 2007.

That is far more then anyone should ever know about these people.