What should I keep in my cubicle bed?

Since we don’t have assigned study carrels at school, I’ve made the offices of one of my student organizations as my base of operations. (It’s important to have a permanent, convenient place to dump your books in law school.) Anyway, this week I’ve been pretty tired, so I actually put a small mattress under the cublicle desk, along with a blanket and pillow. It’s actually pretty cozy under there, as I have enough room to completely stretch out. Today, I’ve added a nightmask and a teddy bear (for effect). I’m wondering what else I can toss down there: an alarm clock? A reading lamp? A mini-fridge?

At this point, I’m already the envy of the school, and a number of people have asked to make use of my new sleeping quarters.

My question is, does anyone else here sleep at work/school like this? If so, what accessories do you have to make your sleeping more creative? (Think George on Seinfeld.)

Oversized Animal Foot Slippers.

Sleeping Ear Muffs.

Head Compress - Nappy Sack.



I was at Wal-mart and they had these big, rounded bolsters (long round pillows) covered in microfiber. Colors were–circus peanut orange, grape bubblegum purple, seafoam green, a medium blue (not too light, not dark), and a luscious red. they were $8.88 each, and even if you don’t like the color, you can’t buy enough stuffing at that price to fill a pillow that size. And they’re snuggly and huggable and soft…gotta love microfiber.

Bring along some light cloth you can velcro/duct tape to the edge of the desk so you can make a fort.

And a lava lamp.

A lock box full of Ding Dongs. MMMMMM…

A cup-sized hot plate for tea.

A white-noise machine.

A wall built out of a set of Michigan statutes.

What’s that?

Wait…I’m in Ann Arbor too.

Do you mind? I’m a little sleepy…

The office tramp.

They’re opening for Twisted Sister, aren’t they?

You simply must have a small friend in there to protect you while you sleep. From where we live, the only logical choice is Curious George.

What a very cool idea however, to make use of naps, just like Thomas Alva Edison used to. What a GOOD SIGN of genius, waiting to burst free. :wink: