what should i name my bear?

so my mom got me a stuffed animal bear today for valentines day…it is ADORABLE and very soft. i always like to name things, like people’s cars…and i figured that y’all would have some interesting input. any name ideas?

Well. A bear’s name is a very important thing. Knowing what kind of bear it is, and what it looks like will help.

I mean, we can’t just willy nilly decided to name him/her Teddy!

Is it a boy bear or a girl bear?

Please, this is important stuff!

Cecil, perhaps?


Black? Brown? Panda? Polar?

Bear “Lee?”

Are you a Stephen King fan? Even if you’re not, I vote for Shardik.

Bears know what their name is, and to a bear, his (or her) name is one of his most precious and secret possessions. At first, your bear will be cautious about sharing it with you. However, if you make friends with him, and he decides that you are to be trusted, he will let you know what his name is in his own good time. It’s hard to describe how this happens, but you will find, gradually, after wondering what his name is for a while, that you just sort of ‘realise’ that his name is *obviously[i/]… whatever it turns out to be, and that it couldn’t really be anything else. So don’t be in a rush. You’ll know when he decides you’re ready to know. For the time being, while he’s still settling into his new home, give him lots of affection and attention, lots of reassurance that he’s very welcome, and show him that you intend to give him a good home and look after him.

This is all part of the process of bear parenting, or bearenting.

Or you could be a Richard Adams fan.

I once had a donkey I named Otie

Name your bear Bryant


thanks for these suggestions!

to help you out:

i believe it’s a boy. he’s a copper/brown color, very soft, shiny and fuzzy, creme colored paws and feet, has a purple ribbon with gold stars tied around his neck. a product of ‘princess soft toys’ from minneapolis but made in china. i don’t think he’s meant to be a specific kind of bear (panda, american grizzly, etc.) and there is no name on the tag. his eyes are little and dark and plastic, his nose is made of light brown thread.

i want to stay away from alliteration (maurice the monkey, gertrude the gecko, etc.), but beyond that i just want the most inventive/interesting name possible that fits my bear. like ianzin says, i want to hear a lot of names and figure out which one works best!

thanks everyone!

My vote goes for Tumuchtu.

I like Lubic (but a left-slanting accent on the C), which is my crappy polish translation for “Love”.

I named my valentine’s day Giraffe “Zyrafga”, which is Polish for Giraffe. I think.

Total hijack - how does one make accented letters?


hope that helps!

Suggestion: if you want to find really weird names, find a Bible, and flip through some of the “begats” sections. Besodeiah, for instance. or Amminadab.

Or if you prefer heavy Germanic names, Hrothgar or Unferth are nice.

My bears are named Robert and Elizabeth, respectively. Pretty boring, but don’t tell them I said that. If I get another bear, maybe I’ll name it Hrothgar. It seems bear-ish.

Might I humbly suggest that a truly outstanding name for a bear is Dave? :stuck_out_tongue:

Edward- slightly boring though

Once again, I am petitioning for two names:

Vassago (Hey, com’on, it’s cool)



What about Bob?


or RubyRod?
or Bruno?