what should the Biden bumper sticker/ T-shirt be? Satiric post, not serious

Biden. He’s not Trump

Biden. My 7th choice. Vote Blue!

Biden. Centrist Democrat who will do nothing for the average person but who is better than the Orange One Who Shall Not Be Named.

OK, the last one doesn’t fit on a bumper sticker but could fit on a T-shirt.

BIDEN: Less Evil, More Awkward!

Who’s Your (Grand)Daddy? Biden 2020.

Dump Trump: Ridin’ Biden

Fuck Bernie
Marry Biden
Kill Trump

Biden: Make America Healthy Again

Vote for the elderly, demented sex offender. No the other one

Vote Biden - He’s As Ordinary As You Are

Biden: Your hands on choice!

Biden: You don’t have to love him, just vote for him!

Vote for the Donkey, not the Ass: Biden 2020

Thread winner!

Biden, he may not be able to fix everything but at least he won’t break anything new.

Made in China. Vote for Biden

BIDEN 2020
For FUCK’s Sake, America!

Vote for the guy who’s as boring as the average American rather than the guy who’s as dumb as the average American.

biden 2020
look, fat

I think the BYEDon 2020 ones I’ve seen are kinda clever.


Until a better candidate comes along, I’m just Biden my time.