What should you be doing right now?

I find myself to be incredibly distractable. So much so, that I often start a project or come up with a great idea–only to leave it to collecting dust soon afterwards.

Instead of posting and reading here ( I have been devoting a ton of time catching up on board history), I could be finishing up many of these loose ends.

Here’s my official “I’m too lazy to do list”:

  1. Finish writing my “autobiography”. It’s more of a journal that I never kept. I started with my earliest memory, and have worked up to about age 9. Most of this was done in one week though, and I haven’t touched it in over a year.

  2. Work on my “book”. I have done insane amounts of research on Ice Cream, and have always thought it would be wise to compile this information into book form. I have an outline of sorts that I came up with about 3 years ago, but that was the end of my writing career to date.

  3. Practice. My instruments that is. I play guitar, bass, and drums. Bass is my best instrument, and I have been paid to play on many occasions. However, I haven’t really taken my skills to a new level in about 4 years or so. I know what I need to do to get there, but never force myself to practice with a purpose. I am a professional “noodler” as some would say.

  4. Exercise more. Enough said.

  5. Read up on the SDMB history. :wink:

So how about you?

Today, specifically in the next hour and a half?
Shower, change, get classroom set up, do laundry, wash dishes, teach an English lesson, tidy up and set up the next lesson.

This week - bank and shopping, go and get tax refund and ask advice about account keeping for the next fiscal year (the one that we are already three months into…), apply for passport, get hair cut before passport photo. These are all things I have been putting off.

Oh, and write out a clear and comprehensive 40 week curriculum for 7 courses I teach instead of having it all vaguely inside my head struggling to get out.


I’ve got customers to call and data to input in my new software program and appointments to confirm … but I just can’t seem to get to it!

Dishes. My roommates are both away until the weekend, and neither one did any before they left (One I can forgive, he does too much around here. The other has been a lazy-ass since January, so I was hoping he’d at least do some.)

Not so urgent—Write. I promised myself in high school I’d write a book some day. I have yet to get decently far into one. Well, aside from that one, but I’m never touching that one again, at least not to work on it (I occasionally take it out to show people, but aside from that it’s been sitting in my closet for the last 6 years).

I also have had a cartoon doll open for the last couple days. It’s a little over half done, but I’m not that inspired to work on it. And I have to fax something to my parents too. I would have done that earlier today, but our fax machine isn’t working. Grrr, and it’s gonna cost me two bucks to send it from school.

I have you all beat: I’m in college.

Right now, I could/should be doing any one of the following items, in no particular order:
-Studying for my Intro to Complex Variables test (tomorrow at noon)
-Starting my Electromagnetic Theory hw (due 2 pm tomorrow)
-Studying for my Thermodynamics & Statistical mechanics test (8:30 am Friday)
-Starting my Intro to Quantum Mechanics hw (due 4 pm on 4/25)
-Research for my final project in Sociology
-Putting in more hours for the professor for whom I work
-Laundry. Sweet muffins, do I need to do laundry.
-Cleaning off the top of my desk and dresser
-Unpacking from my trip to NYC last weekend

… And this is AFTER I quit being a section editor on the student-run newspaper.

Knit. I have one project that’s all done, I just have to sew it up. I have three other projects in progress and yarn for about four others.

My son’s baby book. He’s turning two in a couple months. I have a bag full of stuff to put into it, but it’s just sitting in a corner in the bedroom.

Paint the bathroom. I got permission from our landlord when we moved in (a year ago, almost). I have the paint, but I haven’t actually painted.

Figure out our camcorder. My parents sent us a really cool camcorder for Christmas. We’ve recorded hours of stuff, but I can’t figure out how to burn it onto a CD so that I can actually mail my parents the footage (which is really why they bought the thing for us).

All of these things go on my list of things to do every week, but they always seem to get pushed aside (except the knitting - I spend way too much time on that, I just have too many things going at once).

RancidYakButterTeaParty, definitely do the autobiography. My father did his and it has been fantastic to read. It will be something that the family will always have.

Right now? Working. I have to write some fluffy crap about a pickup truck suspension, but nothing’s coming.

Also, start writing my book. I have 60+ pages of notes, I should actually start typing something out.

I should be sorting out the tons of stuff which has accumulated in the garage. I wander out there from time to time, get depressed by how huge a job it will be and wander back inside.

I should also be doing some sewing, in a vain attempt to reduce the size of the stash.

Re-writing some fairytales to put in our Kids Times.

Studying for my ancient Greek exam.

Patiently explain to my idiotic co-worker that Newton didn’t have a friggin’ third element. (argh, don’t ask…)

Right now? Taking a bath and rusihng off to work.

Thanks for the encouragement C3, that’s just what I needed to get me going!

I should be working home health today, but I have cut back on my physical job due to the hip situation (an anatomical thing, not a hip vs. not hip thing). And I feel guilty about not working, since I have been working 6 days a week for almost a year now. So I will do some prep work for the teaching job, instead.

I am also writing a semi-autobiolgraphical book. I have a title and a first chapter.
Maybe I should start up with that project today.

I have to give a shout out to RancidYakButterTeaParty for such a great screen name. I bet your autobiography will be splendidly amusing!

I’m supposed to be teaching 25 sophomores and juniorhow to type two column tables the old fashioned way. No, I don’t know why they have to learn it that way.

I should be listening to my computer programing teacher and not browsing SD.

Doing last-minute studying for my History exam.
I’ve got the time, it’s at 7:00 p.m. :slight_smile:

And I will shout a thank you right back!

Doing dishes, eating dinner, and then madly rushing out to work. In… half an hour. Not going to happen. I should tidy, too. And clean the fridge.

Well, as a procrastinator extraordinaire, I’m actually quite pleased I held off posting to this for so long. Right now, I should be doing an essay (which is already 2 days late - I never seem to get much done until the deadline has passed :smack: ), which is wrecking my sleep patterns and pushing the rest of my long to-do list down the pan. Stuff like: reply to about 100 e-mails, organise a snooker tournament, do some croquet practice, catch up on my other 5 modules, washing (enormous amounts of clothes and dishes), tidying… Gah… I hate myself for it!

Conquering Europe. I’m way behind. So far, I’ve only annexed Piedmont and the Papal States.

Writting an OP regarding the fact that **Republicans are always right.™ **, ask why, as well as how I want to get other’s opinions and somehow not making the OP pitworthy.

Oh, and actual work. :smiley: