What shows should I watch this summer?

Well Stainz and I are looking for some new shows to watch this summer.

We like 1 hour drama/dark comedies. We currently watch(ed) the following shows that fit this genre:

  • Sopranos
  • Rome
  • Deadwood
  • ER
  • CSI
  • Lost
  • Six Feet Under

These are the three we are looking at watching, what order would you put them in? Keep in mind we having watched more than 5 minutes of any episode.

  • 24
  • Rescue Me
  • Veronica Mars

What would you recomend? Also if tehre are shows we may like that aren’t on this list let us know.




4400: New Season June 11th
Dead Zone: New Season June 18th
Monk: New Season July 7th

On SciFi:

Stargate SG1 and Stargate Atlantis has new seasons starting in July.

Actually two things, I was going to download the episodes or buy the DVD’s so I can see them from the start, and I live in Canada and the CRTC (sometimes lamer version of the FCC) doesn’t think I should easily be able to see all of those shows (even though most are filmed in Canada!).


Rescue Me is an awesome show, and you don’t have to see it from the beginning to get what’s going on.

Monk is pretty good and so is The Dead Zone. The 4400 is a little tedious, IMO.

I fully concur with Indygrrl - Rescue Me is brilliant. One of the best shows I have seen in quite awhile. F/X really is the new HBO.

In that vein, there is an earlier Denis Leary show called The Job that only aired for (I believe) about six of the episdoes. It is very similar to Rescue Me (albeit it is about cops, not firefighters) and many of the writers and several cast members were on both shows. You may be able to find it on Netflix and I know you can buy it from Amazon. Another brilliant show.

Dead Like Me.

Dead Like Me Dead Like Me Dead Like Me Dead Like Me Dead Like Me Dead Like Me Dead Like Me Dead Like Me Dead Like Me Dead Like Me Dead Like Me Dead Like Me.


Criminal Minds

I second “House.” Drama with lots of dark comedy moments, and they’re running two episodes back-to-back every Tuesday night for the next few weeks.

Agreed. These are two of the best on TV right now.

For new summer series, we’ll be watching The 4400, The Closer and Monk.

Monk and The Closer, definitely. The 4400, I’m not so sold on.

Dead Like Me (Dead Like Me Dead Like Me Dead Like Me Dead Like Me etc., as per Gadarene ;)), House, Rescue Me, 24, and Veronica Mars

Ahhh, bliss. :slight_smile:


Freaks & Geeks

The Office (British version)

Battlestar Galactica

Don’t miss Veronica Mars. Some folks I’ve talked to have been reluctant to watch it because they think it’s “just a teen show,” but its appeal is much broader than that. Even old granny ladies (like me) :heart: Veronica.

I’ve never seen Rescue Me. 24 is brash, bold, very adrenaline-y. Veronica is smart, funny, and charming. 24 is as much fun to mock as it is to watch and it’s pretty damned fun to watch. Veronica is rarely mockable but has funnier intentional jokes.

I prefer Veronica, but I watch both eagerly.

It’s summer, what the hell are you doing inside?!

Veronica Mars is pretty damn spiffy. Seconded.

I’m looking forward to Stephen King’s Nightmares and Dreamscapes on TNT in July.