What sort of family were you raised in?

Were you raised by both biological parents? A single parent? Another relative? Adopted? Fostered? Or did your family situation change during your childhood, as mine did? Just a little poll to see in what sort of family my fellow Dopers were raised.

As for me – I was reared first by a single parent, my mother, then secondly fostered by my aunt and uncle.

I was raised (actually still am being raised) by my biological parents, both of whom had been married and divorced before marrying each other.


Snooooopy beat me to the answer “wolves.” Is dysfunctional an acceptable answer? My parents stayed married until I was 16 but they should have divorced within weeks of their marriage. I suppose “I” would never have existed then, but that’s the chance I’d have to take. A complusive philanderer and a drama queen martyr do not make for a happy childhood. I’m (mostly) over it now, the twitch is purely coincidental.

Only child, raised by my bio parents, who are still married 53 years later.

My parents were high school sweethearts who married as soon as Mom turned 18. I was raised with my five sisters in the same house my parents still live in today.
Some dysfunction, but mostly of the harmless sort. We’re all still very close.

Upper middle class, raised by both parents (who adored each other). Liberal politics, suburban setting, and the dreaded “middle child” syndrome. My mom has since died, but I’m still very close with my dad.

I was raised by a toothless bearded hag… Ooops sorry.

Actually I was raised by both parents, still married after 43 years. Two younger brothers (one 2 years younger, the other 8 years younger).

Paternal grandparents married 50 years (until Grandpa died).

Maternal grandparents divorced when I was 5. Grandpa remarried and divorced twice. Grandma was single the rest of her life.

Adopted as an infant from a mother I have had essentially no contact with. My brother was also adopted from a different mother. My adoptive parents are still married. It was the first and only marriage for both of them.

Being with my husband has been an interesting contrast. Each of his parents was married three times and had children in each marriage. He is the only product of their marriage to each other, though. So he has 8 half brothers and sisters (two of whom are now deceased), but no full siblings at all.

Another only child. My parents have been married 28 years. I just hope I can do as good a job with my children (when I have some) as they did with me.

Youngest of four girls (16-year age difference between the oldest and me — I’m the youngest by seven years), raised by bio parents who divorced when I was 24 (they were 56). Mom still lives in the family home, which will be passed on to my oldest nephew.

Biological parents–but I was a late in life “surprise.” Mom was 41 when she gave birth. I have three much older brothers, two biological brothers and one adopted bi-racial brother who self identifies as black (we are white). I am the only girl. Father died when I was 13, otherwise he and Mom would probably still be married.

Mom and Dad married 32 years and decided to get divorced in 1987. Mom died later in 1996. I am one of five children that were all born in wedlock and raised by both parents.

My folks have been very happily married for 35+ years (first time for both). I have four younger siblings, the last was born when I was 13, 7 years after the last brother. We were a noisy and casual household, and are all a bit weird in our own ways–we are all very different from each other. We get along fine, and are all now married to very nice people, except the youngest.

As DangerDad says, if my parents were any more relaxed, they’d be dead (which isn’t quite true, but close enough!).

Laboratory Technicians who were also Lone Wolves.

From the year 1980 through the year 1994, there were a total of four non-family members invited/allowed into our home that I am aware of.

From the year 1980 through the year 1994, there were a total of six family members (who did not already live there) who visited the home that I was aware of.

The exception to this was the fall of 1985, when my parents built an addition onto the house.

These lab techs (my bio parents) never divorced, I am the second eldest among three other wolf pups/lab rats.

I was raised by my biological parents who were married 25 1/2 years before my dad died. I was the older of two girls. And that’s about it.

Wait, I can’t count. They were married 29 and a half years.

I am first born with my twin sister following my 2 minutes. We have a full brother who is 3 1/2 years younger. My parents divorced on their 9th anniversary. My mother never remarried or had a date. My dad had a short marriage right after the divorce and is currently in a marriage of 27 years and counting. I have 4 step siblings in the same age group as me, my twin and brother and a half sister who was born the day before my 17th birthday ( I am 40, she’s 23).

I am chuckling because this thread made me realize my mom is a nearly toothless, slightly bearded hag these days.

Raised by my biological (or so they tell me) parents, who have been married for almost 38 years. They were both public school teachers, very liberal, very smart, middle class and very LOUD. They married in their late 20s/early 30s. I have an older brother and an older sister, born less than one year apart, and both are married (not to each other). Both were in their mid 20s when they married about 10 years ago. My bro and his wife have a young daughter. My sister and her husband have dogs. I married this past fall at age 31. No kids yet, just dogs. I am the baby sister by about 3 years.

My paternal grandparents are going on 70 years of marriage (2 kids, 6 grandkids and 8 great-grandkids). Granpa is 93 and Nana is 88.

Maternal grandparents died many years ago but were happily married during that time.

I come from a long line of successful marriages; no pressure there!

I forgot to mention that I was raised *in a barn * by wolves. And, yes, I do sit like that when I’m at home.