What souvenirs shall I bring you guys from my transdimensional raiding trip?

I could make realllly good use of some psychic paper, if you don’t mind…

You do realize that Middle-Earth is pre-Hyborian Earth, right? You’d just be bringing the One Ring forward in time. That said, it’s conceivable that this has already been done, & you’d be pulling it out of the hands of, say, Genghis Khan or Queen Victoria, thus creating a divergent timeline somehow.

I could use some psychic paper. If you run into the Doctor, ask him where to get it.

:reads thread:
Huh. So get more than one piece.

While you’re there, could you get me a couple of white mice, please? Thanks.

Oh, and could you pick me up something at Milliway’s, they don’t deliver this far back.

A bottle of ambrosia would be cool, if you can find one on the Bucket that Tigh hasn’t drunk yet. Better yet - could you raid Admiral Adama’s library, grab me some novels? (Not Searider Falcon, though - I’m not that big of a bastard.)

I’d like a “Somebody Else’s Problem” generator, or an Infinite Improbability Generator from the Hitchhikersverse

A Sonic Screwdriver from the Whoniverse

a Pulse Pistol and a Qalta Blade from the Farscapeverse

a lightsaber from the Star Warsverse (dual-bladed would be nice)

An Iludium P38 Explosive Space Modulator

and the Holly Hop drive from the Dwarfniverse

Oh, that reminds me: A teraport would also be nice.

Hitler’s heart from anytime before 1930 or so, please.

Also, if it wouldn’t be too much trouble, could you tape Lincoln’s Lost Speech for me? Thanks. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lincoln’s_Lost_Speech

Could you bring me the head of Grendel’s Mom? She’d look great over my fireplace.

And a few of Idunna’s apples, too, if you please. I bet they’d fetch a good price on ebay.

All of my best ideas are already taken, so I’d just like a snow globe, please.

She-Hulk (or an analogue) didn’t seem to have encountered much trouble. :smiley: (Of course, these days, there could be have a dozen different ways to explain this away. The great engines of continuity tend to suffer from Dieseling.)

Anyway, back to your kind offer…

•I’d love a DVD copy of the second season of Cybersix, from a universe where it actually got made, and built up to a satisfying series finale—assuming there’s no hideous Outer Limits twist to it; like being formatting in Region 4 SECAM; or have dialogue recorded in Yahi; or come from a universe where storytelling conventions are different enough that what’s considered a “happy ending” is spine chillingly horrific, or something.

Failing that, the 1983 version of Revenge of the Sith starring Geoffrey Holder as Mace Windu would be killer.

•I wouldn’t advise anything from here, although it’d be really, really awesome, at least before the horror kicked in.

•Oh! Could you find any pieces of Vecna that wouldn’t be missed? I have a friend who used to work for TSR, and he’d probably get a kick out of it.

I’ll have a Glaive, please.

Oh, and the Auryn.

How about going to England before their civil war and bringing back the crown jewels that Cromwell had melted down?

Several things. Take your pick, my friend. I’d be happy with any.

  1. Specs for a Torchship, a la Time for the Stars.

  2. Plans for Star Trek teleporter, replicator, or warp drive.

  3. Copies of the two books Heinlein had planned to follow To Sail Beyond the Sunset.

  4. Either Cardenio or The Adventures of Robin Hodde by William Shakespeare. Either should sell for a sweet price.

  5. The suit which, if you wear it, you become Santa Claus for all time. Let’s face it, that’s awesome.

  6. Fertilized embryos from Wooly Mammoths, several of both sexes.

I’m not picky. Surprise me.

That is a great website. Perfect for RPG ideas and inspiration. Thanks for that Ranchoth. I hadn’t heard of it before.

Even if you’re right, so what? All I have to do is choose the One Ring from ANY EARTH BUT OURS.

That’s kind of my point. There are women of appropriate size and musculature in Juggy’s universe for him to make the beast with two backs. Not so in ours.

Could you get me an Orb of Thesulah? I’ve been looking for a good paperweight.

Oh, and this time leave the loknar where you found it.

I’ll take a Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy.

A menu from Miliway’s.

A purple lightsaber. The one that says, “Bad Motherfucker.”

Don’t forget your towel.