What 'souvenirs' would YOU take from Saddam's palace?

OK, here’s a poll for y’all…Seeing as U.S. forces have captured some of Saddam’s main Presidential Palaces in Baghdad, I was wondering…If you were among the troops who had seized Chez Saddam, what would you have taken home as a Souvenir?

I can’t speak for everyone else, but I would have taken the toilet seat from the master bathroom. And maybe the remote control to the TV.
Anyone else?

A friend got a portrait of Milosovic from a Kosovar police station that he hangs in his basement crapper. I’d want to get one of Saddam so that he can start a collection of evil pieces of shit in his bathroom.

Well, I am sure his palace has a nice weapons collection for the guards, so I call dibs on that. Especially if I can get a chrome-plated Ak-47. :slight_smile:

His collection of pornos. Apparently he has more than 25,000 pornos on video/DVD.

All those dart-boards, they’re on every damn wall!
What are his tastes? Maybe some of the chairs would…no wait, I would be sat on them thinking “saddam sat here”.

No, I don’t want anything thanks.

Probably nothing, insofar as ripping out the fixtures might be seen by some as casting doubt on the justifications for the invasion:

U.S. SPOKESPERSON: Yes, once again let me assure the Iraqi people, the United States is liberating your country, not invading it. We’re simply interested in securing peace in the Middle East by promoting democracy and confiscating weapons of mass destruction. It was never about the oil, America is not at all interested in seizing Iraqi wealth…

RANDOM U.S. MARINE: Woo hoo! I got a gold-plated ashtray and an antique ivory chess set! Hey, help me get this tapestry off the wall, dude…

–But that’s just me.

I know this isn’t the point of the previous poster, but an ashtray from Saddam’s place would be kind of neat. hee hee

Anthrax, Tabun, hopefully a nuke. Maybe I would sell them on E-bay.

Yeah, where did all the nukes go, anyways? Humph.

I’d try to steal a toilet. Because shit, how often in life do you get the chance to make off with an evil dictator’s crapper andship it off to your own bathroom?

I’d take one of his uniforms, a hat, a journal (if he kept one), a flag, or something like that. Nothing major.

Screw souvenirs. I would be looking for cash. Or art. Or precious stones & gems.

I’d like one of those giant Saddam statues, for the living room. Every week it would be redone…I’m thinking a month long period of Saddam as every member of the Village People, then Saddam striking a pose in some frilly pink lingere, Saddam with a feather boa and a cocktail dress, Saddam as Dorothy, and, my personal favorite, Saddam being ass-raped by a larger, meaner looking statue of an Alternate Evil Dictator.

Any refrigerator magnets he might have.

And music boxes.

For my collections!

pervert that I am,I must have a pair of his under wear-hhmmmm.-boxers or briefs-hehe

:eek: For the LIVING ROOM??? Won’t it block the view of the TV?

A friend of mine was in the army with a guy that had a Rolex he stole when they raided Manuel Norriega’s house.
I thought that was pretty slick.

Can somebody explain why looting the all the bad office furniture and second-hand tires is such a hot option?
All I see on TV the last two days is people carrying office chairs around.
I mean, is that the sign of high status somewhere, or what?

The pictures I’ve seen of the bathrooms aren’t very impressive, so maybe a seat with three levers on it is about the limit of the ‘wealth’ to be found.

got my eye on that bidet…

Interesting to me that this person whose people were so impoverished would have the balls to even own one…a real
status symbol I dare say…

I’d like to go on an adventure with my ragtag misfit buddies searching for a legendary stash of gold somewhere in Iraq with hilarious results.

haha, sounds like you’re planning to try to get some DNA and clone saddam… hmm…