What television on DVD series should I watch next?

Help me out here. I am almost done with the soprano’s. I have been going disk by disk through the series (god bless netflix).

What should I watch next? I am not interested in movies, just television series I can get on DVD from netflix. Doesn’t have to be similar to the soprano’s at all, just looking for some good suggestions.

The first season of Murder One.

Best. TV. Show. Ever.

Arrested Development - Best comedy on TV.

Freaks and Geeks - Great “dramedy” from a few years back, about two groups of outcasts going through high school in the late seventies (or early eighties, I forget).

For more flashbacks, the first season of American Dreams, set in Philly in the 60s is good too.

If you haven’t seen any of these:

Arrested Development


Curb Your Enthusiasm

Freaks and Geeks

Freaks and Geeks is a really, really, really good show. I third that suggestion.

I also recommend The Wire. Season 1 is outstanding, and I’m two episodes into season 2, which promises to be just as good. This is my favorite show since Buffy, probably, although it’s completely different.

Definitely see the whole thing in order, though.

Another vote for Arrested Development, and also the BBC’s original version of The Office. Both are hilarious.

If you want an intense, brutal, fascinating, well-acted cop show, The Shield is where it’s at.

Firefly. You should acquaint yourself with it before the movie comes out.

You should acquaint yourself with it anyway.


There are no others. :smiley:

Arrested Development

Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Taken as a whole, I don’t think there’s ever been a better series on television. Also good is the Buffy spin-off Angel, which runs concurrently beginning with Bufy’s fourth season.

The Wire – The most realistic cop show ever made, with the most three-diemnsional characters. It takes most people three or four episodes to understand how the show works, so don’t be put off if you aren’t enjoying it right away – you will.

Wonderfalls – Cancelled over the air after four episodes, the full 13 produced are in the DVD set. Caroline Dhavernas plays a 20-something slacker who is “happy” in her isolation until inanimate objects begin to talk to her and make her help people. Hilarious and, once you get into unaired episodes, unexpectedly touching.

Firefly – Space western. Yes, I know how dumb that sounds, but the dialogue and the character interaction are tremendous. From the creator of Buffy.

Arrested Development – Easily the best comedy on television today (for at least one more episode). This is a show that builds jokes over a season, so while each episode is funny on its own, they get even better when you know the backstory.


That’s the one I was specifically going to recommend. Great show. Funny, quirky and touching all rolled into one, and as I said on another message board, if I ever run into the guy who cancelled it after just four episodes, I’m gonna pound him good.

Another good one is Northern Exposure. Only the first two seasons are out on DVD, and they’re very short seasons (8 and 7 episodes each - it was a summer replacement and mid-season replacement show at first), but lots of extra stuff is included. I’d forgotten how great this show was, and am waiting impatiently for the third season.

Also try Six Feet Under, another HBO show. Dark humor about dysfunctional relationships at its best.

Oh, hey, one more (not up to snuff of the ones I’ve already listed) – Dark Angel S1. An excellent comic book show about a super mutant in the near future (Jessica Alba). Interesting characters with motivations more complex than just doing good or evil and the show wasn’t afraid to change direction at the dop of a hat when it was warranted. Unfortunately, the second (and last) season IMO took a huge dive in quality and intelligence. But S1 is worth the time.


Maybe not next, but if you want a recommendation for next-after-next, the first two seasons of Newsradio come out on DVD at the end of May. Not only was it one of the most hilarious (and underrated) shows of the '90s, but it also features some of Phil Hartman’s funniest and most memorable work.

Is Green Acres out on DVD?


If you like action dramas with attractive women in wigs, this is your show.

Seriously, though, Alias is definitely one show that benefits from being on DVD.

The Dead Zone and Columbo

My current favorite is C.S.I. Crime Scene Investigation. Next time I have a spare $300 I’m getting the whole set.

Can I be the first to recommend The West Wing?

We just finished up the first season of Deadwood, we loved it.

We don’t have cable, so we’ve used Netflix to watch:

The Shield
Freaks and Geeks
Nip Tuck
Six Feet Under
The Dead Zone