What The Fresh Hell...?

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:confused: :confused: :confused:

AH! If only the German Postal System were more efficient!

Then little Adolph would have got his Charles Atlas Bodybuilding course from the back of that comic book. He wouldn’t have felt so inadequate, & wouldn’t have wanted to invade Europe to compensate. Sadly, it won’t arrive until next week. :frowning:

They could have at least rushed Mussolini’s Sea Monkeys!

If they say they’ve delivered the postcard – who have they delivered it to? Weird stuff, all right …

The postcard appears, on further examination, to be a note from a soldier expressing his undying admiration and love for Hitler. Feh.

Gotta admire Deutsche Post, though. “Being dead is no reason not to deliver someone’s mail…”

For those who hate to click on a link, here is the first paragraph:

Ach du lieber!

“undying admiration and love for Hitler” from a soldier in England?? :confused:

… hey, it doesn’t say a soldier in which army.

But now I’m starting to wonder if folks will start mailing things to Mad King Ludwig and other such figures, just to see how far backward will Bundespost bend… or try and send a letter to Joe Stalin at the Kremlin…

This to me is the funniest part: