What the heck is this? (sea creature)

The linked photos were sent to me this morning and show an armored, segmented, multi-legged sea creature found riding a subsea ROV employed on a semisubmersible drilling rig in the Gulf of Mexico. Estimated length, based on other objects in the pic, is 12-18 inches. I don’t have clue what it is. Any help greatly appreciated.

Side view

head-on view

Seems this question gets asked every few months. It’s a giant marine isopod.

Giant isopod.

Three minutes, well done. I love this place. Thanks.

I want to eat it.

It looks like it may want to eat you.

Or at least part of you.


Form an orderly queue. Me first.

Hie thee to northern Taiwan.

Yeah, not bad for an isop facto.

You guys go ahead on the cullinary conquest. I’m not sure there’s enough butter in the world…

Giant Roly-Poly!! Ewwwww.


It looks like it’s made entirely out of a lobster tail!

Some lemon and drawn butter with mine please. And a nice cold bottle of beer.

It’s amazing they let him work the controls of such a complex piece of machinery.

You’re pretty squeamish for a Lurker at the Threshold. :slight_smile:

Holy crap, that’s disturbing. :eek:

Thread win.

Someone posted this in the last thread where we discussed isopods. I got one for my wife.

I for one welcome…etc., etc.