What the hell is wrong with 13 year old girls today? (Plus I'm so proud of my son)

My 13-year-old son attended Grad Night at Sea World last night, not getting back to school until 1am or so, and not getting home until about 2am.

The park was packed with other 8th-graders, but he had fun, albeit paying $6 for a hamburger and standing in long lines.

At one point, he’s playing an arcade game when a girl walks up to him and says, “Do you want to see my tits?” 13-14 years old!!!

My son ignores her, continuing to play the game.

She asks again, “Do you want to see my tits?”

My son continues to play the game.

Finally she says, “You’re ignoring me.”

To which my darling son says, “Yes. Because you have no respect for yourself.”

She storms off in a huff.

So, on the one hand I am so proud because my son, raging with hormones, knows at an early age what to look for in a potential girlfriend, but on the other hand, I am horrified that 13-14 year old girls would walk up to a total stranger and offer to flash them. Is there some sort of con game going on with prepubescent girls that I am unaware of? Or is my son going to be bombarded with sluts?

Why weren’t girls like that around when I was his age? :frowning:

I don’t know about 13 year old girls, but your son should be very proud of himself, as should you. I know, at 13, I would have been drooling all over the poor girl. I was a HUGE ball of hormones. Come to think of it, I still am. :smiley:

[sub]I think she is just a shameless hussy myself. Oh, and a tart![/sub]


PS: I this I just channeled my grandmother… shiver

Be very proud of your son. Very, very proud. Someday, he’s gonna bring home a real keeper for you to meet.

Pseudo-harlots like Britney or Christina prink and prance about half-naked on MTV and you wonder why a thirteen year old girl wants to flash your son? Get ready for a lot more of this in the future. Fortunately, it sounds as if you have prepared your child for it rather well.

My first-glance at this would be two-fold

  1. Major kudos to you and your son. He’s got quite a lot of class, and any parent should take pride in raising such a cool kid.

  2. This girl has issues. I have a friend on the internet who was molested by her father, and during her teenage years she began to go super-sexual as a result. Your son hit part of it right on the head: lack of self-respect, and disassociation of sexuality with love. It simply becomes another tool to get what one wants.

Erm. She didn’t actually say she was going to show him anything, just if he wanted to see.

Girls learn early how to mess with boys heads. :smiley:

Be damn proud of your son, wow. And yes, your son is going to be bombarded with sluts, things ain’t the way they used to be. From what I gather talking to friends who has younger brothers, girls in middle school are damn aggressive - to the point of sticking their hands down a guy’s pants at a party as soon as they start to kiss.

There was an article in the Washington Post magazine a few years back about how… precosious middle school girls are getting, to the point of oral sex being the expected norm in the Metro area. Not sure if it’s a national phenomenon, but I wouldn’t be all that surprised if it’s somewhat pervasive.

This will be the first of many stories you’re going to be hearing about, and it’ll get harder for him as at least some of his friends start taking advantage of the situation, keep the communication channels open, and good luck!!

Oh wow. Kudos to your son. You’ve obviously done something right.

I have a 13-year-old sister. :o I think I’m going to go give her a hug and give her a talk.

Who knows what was running through that girl’s head? If he had responded affirmatively, she could have simply retorted, “Too bad!” and ran away. Or told someone that he asked to see her tits. Etc. Etc. Doesn’t seem tpo likely, however.

You’re right to be proud, ivylass. Who would have known a son of yours would turn out half-decent…? :stuck_out_tongue: Just kidding.

Ya know, are you sure your son isn’t gay? :slight_smile:

I wish girls were like that when I was 13. (And that was only six years ago!!!)

I should probably condemn it, or whatever, but I wish I knew girls like that when I was 13.

I have two thirteen year old girls, and I can’t imagine that they, or their friends, would ever act like that. That girl had issues.

Still, my girls have good looking younger boys, and I have been warned by parents with older children that girls are much more aggressive than in the recent past, and that we will have some serious problems with girls demanding sex and such. I’m not sure why that it is, but apparantly, gender roles have switched.

er, I meant younger brothers. My 13 year olds have not yet reproduced.


Maybe the girl has lots of respect for her self and was merely asking the question “Regardless of whether I am going to show you my tits, is it your desire to see them? I am not offering their exposure to you, I am merely asking if you want to see them”


Ivylass, your son sounds like an incredible kid! You have obviously instilled in him a sense of respect for others and for himself. Just hearing this story gives me hope for the future…(Hmm, the 13 year old girl troubles me a bit though! How sad.)

My question is, why were there no boys like that around when I was 13???

If I were that 13 year old boy I’d probably have said “fleenmoob” and then run away.

first of all i would like to say that you raised your kid very well. not many boys in his age would do the same, in fact i am not sure i know any. i am sure he is going to be an amazing man.

now, i know what you mean about 13-year old girls today. when i was 13 years old i wasn’t like that nor any girl in my class. i don’t know what is wrong with them, probably they are seeking attention in all the wrong ways and they are trying to feel that they are wanted and old enough to do ‘adult’ things. it is very sad to believe that you are cool if all the boys are chasing you.

a friend’s sister who now is 17 but when she was 12 to 13 she came and told me an incident. she was somewhere, i don’t remember, and she was wearing a very short skirt and a boy came and told her that she had really nice legs and called her a ‘whore’. instead of being shocked and everything she was feeling proud of herself.

heh, there were always 13 y/o’s how were sexually advanced. Maybe they wouldn’t be that advancible (is that a word? ;)) but its not anything that is new in society.

I’d like to also point out that I wish that there were more girls like that around when I was 13. Of course, there’s always the possibility that he only told you that’s what he did when the girl tried to flash him and in reality, he got down. :wink:

Just messing around a bit. But good for your son that he can get strange girls to want to flash him. That should come in handy in a few years.

You no longer have a boy. You have a young man.