What the hell is wrong with people ?

My kid’s youth group had a big function tonight. A ceramony, dinner and a cake. It was a nice night for the kids.

One of the kids spilled his plate of food on the floor and was trying to clean it up, I went over to help. There I am, on my knees scrubbing the carpet, getting the stain out. This jackass walks up behind me and says “On your knees, just where a woman should be.”

I finished cleaning up and went to find Jackass in the kitchen by himself. I said to him “On her knees ? Where a woman should be ? You shouldn’t be saying things like that. You should set a better example for these kids.” Then I walked away. I barely know this guy.

The Jackass spent the rest of the evening pouting in the corner. What a disgusting thing to say.

Maybe he was just kidding?

Of course he was kidding. But a repugnant and tasteless remark made in jest is still repugnant and tasteless. The guy was a creep.

That would still make him a jackass.

Bad joke - he’s a jackass.

Reminded me of the day when I tracked dirt into the office, perfect dirty footprints leading right to my office. After the 97th person commented on it, I went and cleaned it up. As I was on hands and knees scrubbing the carpet, a co-worker came up to me and said…

“Did you get a promotion?” :smiley:

Funny joke. Not a jackass.

In front of the kids, no less.

Keep your tasteless non-funny jokes relegated to adults, please. They’re impressionable enough as it is.

Yeah, the joke is funnier, and that does make a difference. The other important difference here is that you know the guy in question. Also, he wasn’t making a sexually charged remark towards you. Some stranger sees a woman on her knees and makes a comment like that deserves even worse than the OP gave him-- though I am glad she cornered him and told him off. Maybe now he’ll think twice before mouthing off in such a jerkish manner.

Yeah, when I was teaching in a very small town, I stopped at the local diner/bar for some dinner and happened to sit down right next to an out-of-town teacher. We got to talking, and she mentioned that she taught Special Ed. Her husband leaned over and said, “you know, retards.”

I had the presence of mind to respond “You mean like your wife’s husband?”

He shut up for the rest of the time we were there, and the Special Ed teacher and I continued our conversation while we ate dinner. I guess it must have been his standard “ha-ha, aren’t I so clever” joke, but it was an asshole thing to say. I wonder how long his wife had had to put up with crap like that.

What an asshole :mad:

There’s pretty much only one way that joke is funny: if the other person knows you very well, and knows that you don’t have a misogynistic bone in your body. Because that’s ironic.

That’s not the sort of joke you can make with a total stranger.

And either way, it’s certainly not the sort of joke you tell in front of children.

Even if it was, that’s not the kind of joke someone should be making to someone they barely know.

For example, if that guy had made the joke to me I’d have wanted to slap him. If the same joke was made by my boyfriend I’d probably just give him a wink.

A few years ago my boss was one of our organisations noted feminists. She was in a hurry to get to a meeting and said to me “Can you make photocopies of these for me? I’m going to be late for my meeting.”

I replied, “I think I am being paid far too much to be doing photo copying.”

“What do you mean,” she said, “I am a Deputy Director and I do photocopying.”

I replied, “Yes you are, but you are a woman.”

She looked at me for a moment, burst out laughing and gave me the stuff I had to photocopy.

Good for you, dragongirl …he was a jerk. Very classy and smart of you to find him alone to confront him instead of in front of the children.

As far as whether or not he was “kidding”? Too many times people broach their nasty opinions in “kidding”, especially when it is directed at someone they do not know well.