What things when younger did you think were more important than they turned out to be?

Wise advice, IMHO. Those who fail to learn from mistakes of the past are doomed to repeat them.

My partner’s chest size. In high school, big boobs triumphed over everything. After 25 years of marriage to a sexy, witty, resourceful, brilliant conversationalist with a PhD who happens to be a AA cup, I can attest they’re not so important.

Conversely, peen size. I have a friend whose best buddy owns a unit (I am told, have not seen it) the size of a Fosters beer can. The buddy is always complaining he can’t get a girlfriend because they take one look at the boa constrictor and run. (It’s not like he can help having a big 'un, but it’s men tend to be so impressed and envious; they think he must be scoring chicks by the dozen, when actually it sends most of them away.)


…State of New York requiring the Office of Fire Prevention and Control to promulgate fire safety standards for ciga- rettes sold or offered for sale in New York State. These standards were to ensure that such cigarettes, if ignited, would stop burning within a specified time of not being smoked or that such cigarettes would meet performance standards to limit the risk that such cigarettes would ignite upholstered furniture, mattresses or other household furnishings. This would lead to the first regulation of cigarettes of any type and the first requirement for cigarette fire safety… The New York State Rule was effective June 28, 2004… within 7 years the other 49 States, the District of Colum- bia, and Canada had implemented regulations that were substantively the same as the New York rule.



Smoking was the leading cause of home fire deaths for the five year period of 2012-2016

My grandma set her house on fire by falling asleep while smoking twice. Amazingly, no one was hurt and the house survived both times, but the family photos and mementos were pretty much obliterared.

As a child, I assumed that going into the attic crawlspace or (gasp) up on the roof would be significantly more exciting and amazing than they are in practice. Especially considering that I’m only in either of those places to get some probably unpleasant task done.

Spontaneous Human Combustion. You just don’t hear much about it anymore.

That being a good, considerate person would be helpful in romantic relationships.

IMO, it is helpful but won’t matter with some partners. It’s a terrible thing to turn mean or selfish just because of some jerk (or a series of them).

Probably because of the cigarette/bedding safety laws mentioned above.

Agreed! And also, a big-tittied bipolar drunk who is ‘fun’ trumps all.

When I was just getting into the “adult” job phase of life Steven Covey was all the rage. With his expensive planner/organizers and his “take care of the big rocks(tasks) first” motto I pictured the future going forward to always have a planner in it.
20+ years later I’m doing just fine never having anything like a planner and being much more productive hammering out small rocks(tasks) first.

Keeping bank, credit card and insurance premium statements for at least seven years because one day you will get audited.

But after 2-3 years you lose track of that stack and when it’s discovered 10-15, years have gone by w/o notice from the IRS.

As a kid I was told if even a drop of the regular dish soap got in the dishwasher the kitchen would look like the scene in Mister Roberts where Pulver blows up the laundry room. As an adult I have been much less careful and so far no issues.

erm well, one drop wouldn’t do anything but if you fill all 4 cups with it …mom didn’t tal k to me for 3 days …

poisoned Halloween candy… its never happened … in fact, the only weird thing that’s ever been given to me is the almost blind senior down the street gave me her nighttime medicine which was still in a blister pack mom knew who it belonged to and what it was because she picked up the medicine for her … and someone actually managed to give us a kitten … we walked through a homemade haunted yard/house thing and somewhere ut was slipped in the bag …

Mean? No. Selfish…?

Honestly, asshole behavior does work in relationships more than most would like to admit.

I guess I don’t understand why we can no longer love our partners with the same openness and acceptance with which we’re encouraged to love our children and our pets. Instead, a “what’s in it for me” attitude has prevailed. I’m just not sure my approach to relationships is congruent any longer with the world I live in.

Having run out of the proper stuff after the stores closed I tried hand washing detergent in a machine once. Knowing it would suds I put in a tiny amount figuring that would be okay.

I was wrong. It probably wasn’t as spectacular as your gaffe, nightshadea and it certainly was no match for Mr. Roberts, but it leaked a bit from behind the closed washer door and when I opened it, there was naught to be seen but a wall of bubbles.

About ten years ago, I knew a seven year old child who had had scarlet fever. His mom told me doctors were cautious about his heart.

We had several harsh winters in the mid-70s, so I remember the talk of the “new Ice Age.” Didn’t quite work out that way.