What to do with a stray.. (Any Pittsburgh Area Dopers Looking For A Kitty?)

Today while I was out walking the dog, I heard a kitten meowing, and found her, stuck in a tree. After taking the dog home, I walked back down, and got the kitten down out of the tree.

She is a little grey kitty, with white-ish tiger striping. Really neat looking cat, and quite friendly. She can’t be more than a few months old, she is still a kitten.

My dilemma though, is that the local humane society isn’t open until Tuesday. I can’t keep her here for a few days, as I have two cats and a dog, and I can’t babysit 4 animals between work, plus I just don’t want to have her all stressed because of there being two curious cats who don’t like her, and an overly nosy dog.

I have her with me now, in my room, but I can’t keep her in here for 4 days either. I was thinking I about just leaving her food and water outside in the hopes that she would stick around for a few days so that I could get her on Tuesday and run her up to the shelter. But then if I do that, I feel like a total jerk for not taking her in for a few days.

(she just hopped up on my lap)xsssssssszasd88888888888888
(and stepped on the keyboard)

She’s extremely friendly (and vocal) on top of being obscenely cute.

She needs a good home in other-words, and doesn’t deserve to be on the streets. The local humane society doesn’t euthanize unless they have no space (regardless of how long an animal is there) so I am not worried about them taking care of her.

If any Pittsburgh area dopers are interested in giving her a home, I’d be more than happy to help out.

On a side note, how about some doper name suggestions for the little girl?

Bring her to Dallas and I’ll take her!

Can’t you leave her in an enclosed room (like a bathroom) while you’re at work, until the humane society is open? Trust me, being inside with food/water is entirely less stressful than where’s she’s come from, even if she does hear meowing/barking from your other animals.


Please don’t put her out on the streets. Please just keep her till you can take her to the spca. Please.

When I lived in Pittsburgh, I found three kittens in an alley on Forbes. I kept two.

The other, I found a home for the same afternoon. I took them to the lawn in front of Pitt, just down the street from Brueggar’s Bagels. Sat there with all of them and played with them for a while. Before you could say “Free kitten”, the third fuzzy baby was snatched up by some college girl who just loved her.

You might give it a shot.

She’s in a room now just kinda hanging out with food, water, and a litter box.

I am such a sucker.

Thanks for the suggestions, I never thought of just taking her to a public place and playing with her.

Good idea.

Animal Friends in the Strip District (get your minds out of the gutter, Dopers) is open on Saturday and Sunday, and they’re a no-kill shelter. You might want to try them. Who knows? You might even get an offer carrying her from your car to their door.


Thank you modro. :slight_smile: