What to do with this orange simple syrup?

Sliced two tangelos thin and simmered them in two cups water, one cup sugar and now I have candied tangelos. But I also have this pretty thick and very orange-y simple sugar. I can’t throw it away! What should I do?

One thought-- replace some or all of the molasses in gingersnaps with it. Or-- glaze a ham? What do ya’ll think?

that+Crushed ice+Tequila+lime juice = Tangerita :slight_smile:

Maybe an adaptation of crepes Suzette?


Or mix it with vodka and soda. Or add it to your morning coffee.

Add some syrup, vodka and soda/tonic and garnish with a wedge of tangerine (all served over ice of course).

Or without alcohol, add it to hot or cold tea.
Or lightly flour some chicken chunks, stir fry, add to rice, use orange syrup on top and add pepper as you wish.

Pour it on some chocolate biscotti.

I make a similar recipe by cooking clementine segments in sugar syrup and using it as a sauce for a Dutch Baby pancake. You may want to try using it as syrup!

Add some to sparkling water.

Dilute it with some water and put it in ice cube trays… give any soda pop or drink that citrus zing.

Make Duck al a Orange…

Save it in the fridge or freeze it and use it to reinforce your next fruit pie… mix some blackberries and raspberries with it and use as a pie filling, for example. Make it the secret ingredient in your next apple pie.

Add it to tea and or coffee, hot or cold.

Orange cake, with orange flavoured icing.

all of these ideas sound pretty good to me …

Me too.

Oooh - make an Old Fashioned, replacing the muddled oranges with the orange simple syrup. When I don’t have oranges (which is usually) but need an Old Fashioned (which is frequently), I’ll sometimes fake it with Grand Marnier, which kind of works. Your orange simple syrup would be better.

Chicken a l’Orange

You can add a little bit of it to plain yogurt too.

Use it to glaze braised beets.

Make a pound cake and pour it over and let it soak in. Serve with raspberries and whipped cream.

I just broiled some salmon over the weekend using a little maple syrup as a glaze (along with an assortment of spices), so that’s what I’d use it for.

Yum. Add rum to the syrup before pouring over pound cake - Yum Yum!

I’d add it to hot green tea, too.