What turns you on?

Is it the scent of him? Is it the way her hair glows in the sun? The strength you see in his arms? The color of her eyes? What is it about your lover (physically) that turns you on? What is one of the first things you notice about a lover?

Mine is hands. I love strong hands. Probably because I imagine those hands on my body.

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I’m going to answer generally:

Clever, quick wit. I love a person who can make me laugh, or make me think, or make me argue (probably why I have crushes on all the Men of the SD)

Hair. Doesn’t matter if it’s long or short…if it’s cut “right” and kept clean, I’m all about it. If 99% percent of the hair is on top of his head, and the other one percent is in pubic regions or on the legs, that much better. I’m not a huge fan of chest or back hair.

Fingers. Particularly long, nimble fingers, with clean, cut nails and ink-stained fingertips.

Physical Expression. I love a guy that dances, sings, acts, laughs… the strong silent type has (in my experience) always turned out to be a controlling piece of shit.

Belly. Not that I can say the same for myself, but I like a six-pack. NOT a gross, oily, hill-n-valley belly… just a touch of tone.

It wouldn’t hurt for him to have more than a passing resemblance to Joseph Fiennes. :slight_smile:

Veni, Vidi, Visa … I came, I saw, I bought.

The scent of him, yes. It’s a clean smell. I guess he smells like his shampoo. The color of his eyes, definitely. Clear vibrant blue (I like any eye color as long as they are vibrant). Also, the fact that he’s a 1st degree brown belt in judo. He’s a very peaceful person and will only do as much as needed to defend himself, which I love, but I also love the fact that he can defend himself effectively. He’s had to defend himself a couple of times and only needed to show the aggressors what he COULD do, and they backed off without him having to resort to more drastic measures. Plus martial arts takes discipline, and I greatly admire anyone who has that type of discipline.

The rest of the really important stuff is personality traits.

I love my husband’s face. It’s one of those expressive faces, that can speak volumes without actually saying anything. I love his chest & arms, too. Years of lugging heavy musical equipment have made them very firm & muscular. And forgive me for being crude, but he’s got a beautiful butt. I’ve told him (jokingly) that I married him because I wanted to have kids that would inherit that behind. :wink: And he smells good, too. He’s got some weird cologne thing going on–he can wear nearly anything, and it works with his chemistry.

Physical appearance has never mattered to me. I appreciate a good sense of humor(i.e. they have to like me!). A good sense of adventure. A genuine love of no-holds-barred sex.
Poor eyesight is also a plus(i.e. again, they have to like me!)

With me, it’s sexuality. In general, I am attracted to women who have a certain sexual “je ne sais quoi” about them. It is no specific physical characteristics; its just that they have some sort of confidence, attitude, or look in their eye. I can say that i have been attracted to women of every body type, hair color, etc. etc., but what they all had in common was a certain natural sexuality…

But it’s not slutty women. Slutty women are a major turn off. They seem to lack as much sexual confidence as a prude, its just that they act out on it differently. I like a woman who knows what she wants and is not afraid to go out and get it. I don;t like women who will sleep with anything, but I like a woman who is secure in her own sexuality… But it’s very hard to describe exactly what it “is”…

Jason R Remy

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Wit and intellect. I adore a quick and apt-placed word, and insightful observations. A man who can make me laugh and make me think has me in the palm of his hand. That’s actually what originally attracted me to my man.

Playfulness. When you can chase a flock of seagulls (the birds, not the band) around the beach regardless of puzzled stares, you’re hot to me. :slight_smile: (And of course, I join in)

Stomach. I absolutely relish my honey’s firm, but not over-developed, abs. Very yummy!

Hair. Thick, floppy, healthy, clean hair.

And turn-ons independent of my love himself:
Rain. Or any form of water, really. But particularly a summer rainstorm–the sound of it hitting the roof, the feel of it on my skin, the smell of it in the air…mmmm, yeah.

Public places. This is a new and somewhat unnerving discovery for me, but I like the sneaking around thing and the sensation of being “bad.” Hee hee!

“Me fail English? That’s unpossible!”

“English? Who needs that? I’m never going to England.”

It’s that ‘look in her eyes’ thing for me too as well as a good smile. Can’t really explain how they both work but something that says; I’m smart and confident in my work but a little shy. Did that make any sense?
And what is it with women and hair?

I can’t speak for all women but hair is very sensual. Ever had a lover tease your body by slipping their hair along your skin? It’s like a feather, a sensation almost like a tickle but deeper. My hair is about three feet long and I love the feel of my own hair sliding along my shoulders and back. To feel a lovers hair against me is even better.

For me…its more than the smell, its the taste of a man…
I like a man who gets dirty when he works (hell, I like a man who works!

Strong hands, and the veiny forearms…reminds me of a penis.

Oh, and the noises he makes…

The kicker…bald head…mmmmmmmmmmm

Men in General: good smelling ie a nice cologne. Not dumped on, just a nice aroma. MMMMMMMM!
A strange sense of humor like mine and the ability to laugh at yourself.
Kindness and self confidence (there’s a big difference between that and arrogance!)
A nicely toned body never hurt a thing but its not a neccessity.

My hubby: very kind, very affectionate, loves to laugh, and has this sly wit that catches you by surprise. Now, if I could only get him to wear cologne or aftershave!

Well, I for one don’t have a thing for hair…my husbands hair is falling out in droves (he blames me!), and I think he is sexier then ever (as do other women).
He also has a very sexy chin dimple, smells great (most of the time), and loves to do things like bathe me, brush my hair, shave my legs…he turns me on also because he is so damned smart- oh yeah, and he’s a musician (in addition to being a computer whiz)…he sings me sexy songs and never fails to put my name into songs he’s singing…He is an all around sexy guy, and he exudes it. Good thing I’m not jealous!
Oh, yeah…and he thinks that diamonds are always a good gift…
(I think he was sent to me to make up for my horrible ex-husband…so far it’s working!)

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Here’s something that seems to be important only to me:


Smooth, even toned, unblemished, porcelain white skin makes me want to devour its owner.

I’ve a pretty broad spectrum, though women with long hair in long skirts are almost certain to turn my head. Why? Dunno.

No doubt a nice athletic body. Not a weight lifter but obviously gets out of the house once in a while. Especially shoulders and back.

Someone who’s up for anything at anytime. Not necessarily always silly or always sexual but often daring and always fun!

Eyes - don’t have a current lover sigh but the last man I was attracted to had beautiful ANTIQUE GOLD eyes, with a very sexy bedroom sleepy look to them. I could have just stared at them all day.

Also, just about any sort of British accent. (Hard to come by around here, though)

I also like a great smile. One that falls between happy and sneaky. Sorta a “man, the things I could DO to you” smile.

Add a set of outlaw eyes and you got me too!

Add a set of outlaw eyes and you got me too!

Add a set of outlaw eyes and you got me too!