What TV show is/was This?

Lets hope this thread isn’t elsewhere, I searched Television shows and only found current shows.

Anyway, I think this was a TV series, seems like it was an hour in length, and seems to fit the “WB” genre of programing. (What I mean by this is, it seems to fit a formula of WB programing… not as much Drama as NBC, not as much Comedy (The show in question was not a comedy) as ABC.

Any way, for lack of more information, the show’s premise was basically a mental institution for youths, yet it took place in a psuedo-wilderness setting. The episode I remember (Only one I saw) was with a kleptomainiac and a “cutter” (self injurer/self mutilation)

That’s all I remember, and I want to know what happened to it.
Any and all information will be welcome.

Any idea a rough timeframe? Like which decade?

It sounds like Neon Rider, a Canadian series from the early 90s. Imdb.com summarizes it as:

Without more information, there’s no way to be sure.

Within the last 10 years, more like last 5.
It was brodcast in the US.
Like I said, or at least implied, it had a short run.

I think you’re looking for Wonderland, which ran about 2 episodes on ABC in 2000.