What two things go so well together?

As I sit here surfin’ through the spam, I’m dunking Oreo cookies in ice cold milk. And I was wondering what do the masses think go so well together as these.

ooo ooo me first…singing “2 great things that taste great together”…(remember that commercial? you got your chocolate in my peanut butter!) That’s my vote.
Chocolate & Peanut Butter
PS, Try that Jif chocolate silk stuff, it’s yummy.

so you found a girl who thinks really deep thoughts. what’s so amazing about really deep thoughts? Tori Amos

<running to the store to buy some Oreos, yummy!>

Here’s one: Bass Pale Ale and Guinness, nothin’ like a Black & Tan!

“Teaching without words and work without doing are understood by very few.”
-Tao Te Ching

Ah, yeah… that’s a good one. :slight_smile:

Baked apples and brown sugar.
or maybe cinnamon

Pizza and Beer.

Crude, yes, but damn it’s good.
– Sylence

I don’t have an evil side. Just a really, really apathetic one.

Coca Cola and Fish & Chips.

Absolutely! Pepsi just doesn’t cut it. Coke was made to go with food, and it rocks!

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Pecan pie and vanilla ice cream.

After spending several years in rural Alabama, I found that R.C. Cola and a Moon Pie are great together. Also, Coke and peanuts are damn good. Just open the bottle and pour the peanuts in. Delicious. Mmmmmmm

-Jesus Saves
He passes to Mike Modano. THEY SCORE!!!

Try dipping your pizza into ranch dressing. I love it.

Surf & Turf.
Corn & Lima Beans, I love that succotash.
Me & Beer.

“Some people are worried about the difference between right and wrong. I’m worried about the difference between wrong and fun.”
~P.J. O’Rourke~

Potatoe chips and pepsi!

A fire in a fireplace along with a really good book, nothing like it.

Long Island ice tea and really hot cheese sticks. MMmmmmmmm…

“Let me fall out of the window with confetti in my hair…”
Tom Waits

Cheese and crackers
Cheese and chips
Cheese and chili
Cheese on a salad
Cheese on a burger
Cheese on a pizza
Cheese on cheese (ad infinitum)

I once had this co-worker who loved the taste of chilled pineapple chunks together with stale Fritos ™. Not fresh Fritos. Stale, kinda soggy Fritos. Ick.

I am too in shape! :::muttering::: Round is a shape.

gin and cranberry
beer and beer
salsa and taco chips
steak and mushrooms

man I’m getting hungry

I opened the door, and look who I found. Damn I’m good

Alcohol and Sex (Your milage may vary)
Chili and French Fries
Jay and Silent Bob

The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.

Damn it, Wiggum, you took mine. Every time we order out pizza I sit around and wait for everyone to finish their slices. Then I nab the “pizza bones” and dunk them directly into Great Value Buttermilk Ranch - nothing but generic will do. Pizza Hut Pan pizza bones work best, but even frozen pizza will do in a pinch.

sex and smoking

Once in a while you can get shown the light
in the strangest of places
if you look at it right…

Peanut butter and chocolate, right?

That’s what the ads tell me…

Yer pal,