What type of clothing do you typically wear on your days off work

For my type of clothing worn on days off of work, definitely jeans, either blue (91%) or black

Black walking shoes w/ white peds.

Shirt wear varies:

“I’m an excellent judge of shirt wear, just ask me”

Shirt wear wise, oftentimes it is a 100% plain back t-shirt, no text, no images, no nothing, just a 100% plain back t-shirt.

Otherwise, it could be a polo style shirt or perhaps a T-shirt with some sort of smartass quote or saying.

So, what type(s) of clothing do you typically wear on your days off work?

Jeans, cowboy boots, black tee shirt, Hawaiian shirt in the summer, flannel shirt in the winter.

Back when I was still working, there was virtually no difference between my work clothes and my non-work clothes, except I’d occasionally wear t-shirts instead of nicer tops on days off. Jeans and sneaks were standard. I had great jobs without crazy dress codes - loved 'em!

Depends on the weather. If it’s warm, shorts and a t shirt. Winter requires bus pants and long sleeve t shirt. Barn days require riding breeches. Footwear is always Topsiders.

Your words are strange to me, what is this day off work you speak of?

Since I’ve been working from home its been sweats and a tee shirt. I actually wear shoes, socks, underwear and pants only when I leave the house. I might even take a shower, if not add a hat to my ensemble.

My non-work attire almost year-round is cargo shorts & a polo shirt with docksider-style boat shoes outdoors & barefoot at home. That’s what I’m wearing right now.

On the rare weeks it gets too cool for the above I change to chinos & maybe a sweatshirt over the polo with socks.

I’ve been working from home since the middle of March. All summer long it’s been nothing but shorts and t-shirts. I literally have not worn long pants, except for two weekend camping trips (for cold nights and mosquitos), all summer long. Bare feet unless I need to put on sandals to go somewhere.

Now that it’s cooling down, it’ll be sweats and t-shirts and a flannel shirt if necessary. A pair of khaki pants if I’m going out anywhere (I don’t like jeans, find them uncomfortable to wear).

Black jeans and whatever band t-shirt I fancy

It depends on the weather and what I’m doing on my day off.

Summer hanging around the house: shorts, tank top & flip flops
Summer going somewhere: shorts/capris/gypsy-hippie skirt, tank top, sandals (non-flip flop)

Winter hanging around the house: sweats, long sleeve t/sweatshirt/polar fleece top, socks, slippers
Winter going somewhere: jeans, same type of tops I wear at home, socks, moto boots or knee-high boots + jacket/coat, mittens, etc.

Our weather varies so much - in the summer I may have to wear a t-shirt or sweatshirt instead of a tank top.

Do you ever wear a cowboy hat. too?

Love it!

Would that hat possibly be a cowboy hat?

Hilary_Algar Urban Sombrero of course.


It depends on where I’m going.

Around the house it’s cotton shorts and a tank top.

Virtually zero difference if I’m outside. If I’m going to get dirty at work I’ll throw on a lab coat or coveralls as the case may require and I have steel-toe boots for those special occasions. But otherwise it is civvies all the way. I don’t work where I’m ever seen by the public and I don’t need to dress up for co-workers or bosses, the latter of which I hardly ever see anyway.

If I’m lounging around at home with no intention of going anywhere it is generally sweat pants and a t-shirt/shirt. A little too common in recent months.

Since I’ve been working from home since March, I’ve worn almost exclusively blue jeans (before June or so) and t-shirts. Indeed, I bought half a dozen or so ridiculous graphic shirts, like these ones, because for the first time in a long time I wasn’t wearing a button-up shirt every day:


Since June I’ve worn shorts and the above-mentioned shirts if I’m just hanging around the house – working or not. If I’m going somewhere I’ll throw on jeans and maybe a Hawaiian shirt, along with an Akubra hat:

I’m a big bearded guy so it must go without saying that IDGAF about fashion. When I was teaching F2F I wore oxford shirts with slacks , suspenders, usually a dress vest, and wingtips.

What clothing?

Just kidding, it’s mostly just shorts and a t-shirt.

Work, home, entertaining royalty, whichever: blue jeans and a blue polo shirt. Black tennis shoes if shoes are necessary.


No cowboy hat here. I have a straw Panama hat and a couple of fedoras though