What was the bride thinking?

Inspired by this thread, I was wondering what was the worst song you’ve actually heard at a wedding?

No, The chicken dance does not count.

My first wedding, the bride demanded we dance to “Every Breath you Take.” (Shoulda been a big clue.)

I’ve heard Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” as a first dance at a wedding; obviously, many people don’t have a clue that it’s a break-up song, and some DJ’s don’t have enough sense to advise them (or maybe the DJ did advise, and got a comback like "Hey, I’m the bride, and I love that song, and it’s not a breakup song, it’s a love song, and we’re paying you to play it, so you’ll play it!).

I worked for a Wedding DJ service for a while. People would ask for the strangest crap all the time. Besides the usual Hokey Pokey and Chicken Dance, people would ask for songs that may sound good but really aren’t what you want to play at a wedding.

Probably the oddest was “White Lines” by Grandmaster Flash. Big section in the middle about getting higher, and the Freeze…Rock sections were popular to dance to. Too bad the rest of the song is about cocaine addiction. I played this at almost every non-country wedding I did.

And yes, it was requested. I wouldn’t play it on my own. Forgot to add that.

The Bride was undoubtedly thinking she wanted to Kill Bill… :smiley:

My cousin Jay considered himself an aspiring country singer at the time of his first marriage. Nobody else shared his opinion. When he married his first wife it was a huge wedding with enough bridesmaids and groomsmen to reenact the Battle of Antietam and the groom in a tuxedo whiter than the bride’s dress. He was about 29 at the time, which was around 1980.

When they came to the exchanging of vows, everybody was shocked when a groomsman handed Jay a guitar and, white tails and mullet, he sang Kenny Rogers’ Lady while accompanying himself. It was… absolutely dreadful (not the song so much, but the singing and the inappropriateness of it).

Epilogue: The marriage lasted slightly longer than the wedding and Jay, now with his fourth wife, is manager of a popular country bar in a Florida beach resort.

Another cousin had an Elvis themed beach wedding and the bride marched through the sand to Blue Hawaii. That marriage didn’t take either.

While not a really bad song per se, if I hear The Rose at one more wedding I’m going to hurl petals.

FWIW, when The Most Wonderful Woman in the World ™, and I got married three years ago, we danced to “Maybe it’s the Way” by the Wings and “Best Friend” by Queen.

Better songs = Better Marrage.

I don’t remember what the song was, but we once attended a truly bizarre family wedding in which the bride lip-synced some smarmy love song to the groom. I think that marriage was over by the time all the wedding guests got home.

Damn you, get out of my head!

My cousin’s wedding was pretty notable for it’s strange songs.

First of all, they played Idol’s White Wedding which the bride and bridesmaids lipsynced to with much flourish at the head table, which was appropo, since she was knocked up and all, but it sure didn’t make my Uncle none too happy.

Worse, though, was the bride and groom’s big dance song which was Cheap Trick’s **“Tonight It’s You” ** which is a poor choice for two reasons:
A: Is about a one night stand (as far as I can tell).
B: Is a horrible song to slow dance to as it switches tempo from slow ballad to full-on rocker during the chorus (which comprises about 80% of the song).

They ended up thrashing back and forth to keep up with the song.

Oddly enough, almost twenty years later, they’re still hitched.

I’ve read several testimonials on this board to having seen “Can’t Find a Better Man” by Pearl Jam played as the bride walked up the aisle. Must have been a sight.

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A professor told us about a bride and groom having “Satisfaction” as their first dance. H’uh.