What was this virus?

My whole family had it, and I’m just getting over it. I had a flu shot a month ago; don’t know if that’s pertinent or not.

Starts off with achiness and fatigue. It caused all of us to puke our guts out on the first day; the baby was barfing for days.

It gave me the shits for about 5 days, too. Just about the worst diarrhea I’ve ever had except for campilobacter poisoning.

Any ideas?

It could be one of the rotoviruses, like Norwalk. They are very contagious. Meticulous hand washing is the one preventative.

That’s what I was going to suggest, too. My daughter had it last year, and it was truly awful. Our pediatrician said it’s so contagious, my husband and I must have had it as kids, or we probably would have caught it from her.