What was your first DVD/VHS purchase?

That’s with your own money, rather than your parents buying you Snow White at the age of 3.

Myself? It was Austin Powers and Tomorrow Never Dies on DVD when I was about 10 or 11.

Still have Austin Powers.

My first VHS purchase was Blade Runner (this was before the Director’s Cut).

My first DVD purchase was Three Kings, before I even bought a DVD player.

You didn’t ask, but the first CD I purchased was The Police Synchronicity.

I think the first VHS I ever purchase was Led Zeppelin’s The Song Remains the Same. I bet in High School, I watched it about 150 times. I got Koyaanisqatsi about the same time. I was stoned a lot.

First DVD, I think, was Pulp Fiction.

Army of Darkness. To be completely fair, I didn’t pay for it. I got a $50 gift certificate when I was working at Best Buy for Christmas. Close enough.

First VHS, I think, was Young Frankenstein.

I bought my first DVDs, the Talking Heads movie True Stories and Bette Midler’s Divine Madness, when I got my first player in July of 2000.

VHS, I think it may have been the restored Star Wars box set. I don’t know what it would have been for DVD, although I know I had DVD’s before I ever had a DVD player. (I had access to a computer which could play them.)


Never personally bought a VHS. First DVD was Princess Mononoke, about three years ago.

A long, long time ago, my dad brought a betamax machine home from work. We were the first people in the neighborhood to have a VCR. We rented Footloose and I love it so much.

I saved my money for a long time and bought the betamax verson to watch at home.

My first DVD was Sneakers, bought it when I bought my first DVD player. Don’t remember what my first VHS was but it might have been Men in Black.

First VHS puchase: Purple Rain. I believe I was in my senior year of high school at the time (which would make it 1983/84). I still have it somewhere at the back of a shelf full of old tapes.

First DVD: Either The English Patient or the first 4 episodes of Farscape. IIRC, I bought them on the same day.

At least close to the first VHS I ever bought was a pre-rented copy of Gandhi. I think we shelled out about eighty bucks for it.

This was in the olden days when renting was more common than buying. Very few titles were even intended to be sold to the general public, and kaylasmom and I felt fortunate that the store was willing to let go of one of their copies.

And I’m certain that the manager of the store was grateful to have found a pair of patsies to complete the transaction. :smack:

First DVDs were a couple of years ago, when we bought our player. Among the titles were Young Frankenstein, The Black Stallion, Cast Away, and Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

First VHS tape: impossible to remember, but I recall being overjoyed to find Taxi Driver for a whopping $20 at Suncoast, back when I was in 9th or 10th grade (around 1993 or '94).

First CD: R.E.M.'s Monster. I was really late to adopt CD technology, buying cassettes steadily up until the mid-'90s.

First DVD: Snatch (the 2-disc special edition), immediately after getting my first DVD player as a gift.

VHS? Batman, I believe. Either that or Ghostbusters.

DVD…Castle of Cagliostro.

The first VHS that I bought is lost in time but I would guess that it may have been Stop Making Sense.

I don’t remember the first DVD either, but I have teh feeling that it was Goodfellas.

DVD: Contact.

VHS: Raiders of the Lost Ark

CD: Brothers in Arms, Dire Straits

No one willing to admit that their first VHS tape was a porno? Well, me neither.

Bought my first commercial VHS tape when I was living in France. I think it was The Wages of Fear. I inherited some tapes from a friend before that; I’m pretty sure the first one I watched was To Have and Have Not, with Bogie and Bacall.

First DVD purchase was 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Thanks once again for this chance to empty out the closets of my mind.

My first VHS purchase was, I think, Batman (1989). My first DVD purchase was three at once: Star Trek II, Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure, and Blue Velvet.

Two of those have since become double-dips. What a racket.

For VHS for the longest time I didn’t have anything and I think my first purchase was Raiders of the Lost Ark.

For DVD, though, I was an early adopter and an anime fan. At the time I got my DVD player there were exactly two anime movies out (at least that I could find on shelves at Suncoast which was the only place selling those new fangled things that would never be as popular as Laserdisk :wink: ): Tenchi Muyo in Love and Tenchi Muyo in Love 2. I got the first one.

Got a Quasar VCR in the mid-70s using the VX format. Heh, that went nowhere. When I finally got a VHS-based machine, it was a number of years before I finally broke down and bought a commercial tape. As I recall, it was the first bundled Star Wars collection, pre cleanup.

First DVD was the directior’s cut of Blade Runner.

DVD: Twelve Monkeys