What We Do In The Shadows Season 3 hits Sept 2nd (Plus Trailer!)

This is my favorite episode so far in this kinda weak season. But the mid-credits scene confused me: is there some significance to the husband having a taxidermy beaver and the wife complaining about the pine deck? Is this supposed to be a clue about winning/losing the final bet?

Fucking sparrow. The lamest of all birds.

Yes, the boxing outcome was admirably unexpected.

All-too-expected was the fate of the ‘soil’ when housekeeping arrived, though making the mechanism Colin being entranced by the hotel/casino’s in-room self-promotion video was excellently funny.

I liked it all. Nice to see Anthony Atamanuik again, too (he was one of the best Trump imitators, and a good comic actor in general).

A really good episode, but my favorite part was when Laszlo started off the theme song on the piano, and I rewound to that point a second time.

I loved episode 5–thought it was Season 1 quality.

How far in advance are these written, do you think? Before Mike Lindell went totally off the rails?

3x06 was another winner. I had just been thinking of a certain plot thread which had been left unresolved.

I think they’re improving but not as strong as earlier seasons. It looks like we have episodes till nearly Hallowe’en.

Yes, and it’s nice to have Doug Jones back.

Seeing Doll With The Spirit Of Deceased Human Nadja Inhabiting It running away from home with a tiny bindlestiff was the cutest thing I’ve seen on tv in years.

Some excellent puppetry in that ep. (It’s probably expensive, which is why we don’t see Doll-Nadja very often.)

The cuteness factor of the doll story was nicely offset by the ‘ick’ factor of the Siren story. Balance!

The theme song is pretty old if I am interpreting this correctly. Surprised. I am enjoying the latest season.

Lazlo getting upsold at Best Buy had me rolling on the floor. This will be one of the top tier episodes of the shows run.

I was surprised to find out how old that song was, myself. A very rhythmically interesting song it is, too. Try listening while counting 1 2 3 4 and you’ll find that its phrasing is really quite odd. But listen again, this time clapping along with the recorded handclaps, and you find that they remain quite steady and unchanging underneath the shifting rhythmic phrases. This is the kind of thing I dork out about.

Anyway, check out Norma Tanega’s Wikipedia entry. She led an extremely cool and interesting life!

Me, too. I still will make a major effort to catch the beginning of reruns of the Mission: Impossible tv show; the 5/4 time signature of Lalo Schifrin’s 1967 composition never fails to delight.

I didn’t like the foreign-language* version of You’re Dead as much as the English one; maybe it will grow on me. Or maybe it was just used for that one episode.

Fun to see Cree Summer, too; I can still hear her Elmyra from Tiny Toon Adventures and enjoyed seeing her as well as hearing her.

*‘old Persian’ is what’s claimed on some sites, or maybe it’s modern Farsi. Anyone identify it?

Hehehe, I love the two alterations they did to the theme this season. I would expect old Persian to be the language used in the last episode, since that would be appropriate for Nandor’s character.

Agreed–it was part of his Ascension Day celebration. (Though the task of translating it, let alone recording it, must have been onerous—whereas there might be a modern Farsi version of Tanega’s song already in existence.)