What We Do In The Shadows Season 3 hits Sept 2nd (Plus Trailer!)

What the title says.



It’s also been greenlit for a Season 4. Huzzah!

Oh yay!

2 weeks!

Looks like it should be a fun season.

This show is a great example why networks and “the suits” keep greenlighting projects based off movies and pre-existing things. Once in awhile, it works. I was very cynical about this show the day it premiered, but my wife and I had to pause it and look at each other and say, “They…they…did it. It’s amazing.” I LOVE the movie and was blown away they made it different, but equal(better?) than the film.

For every MAS*H and Shadows, there is a “geico caveman” like show out there that is a horrible production that fails.

I really liked the first two seasons, good news.

I have to confess that I still have a few episodes of S2 to watch! I’ve been savoring them - I didn’t want it to be over.

The first two episodes of S3 weren’t especially strong IMO, but I loved how terrified they all were of Guillermo Greenburg de la Cruz at the beginning.


I was glad to see this one back:

Watching the first one now. I love that Gizmo was cleaning and maintaining the residence the whole time and they don’t realize it because they just assume it all happens automatically.

I did enjoy the cloak and trying to woo the woman who worked at the gym. And at the end it turns out that Lazlo was right and she was a lesbian. The sight gag of Nandor not showing up in the mirror while lifting weights was pretty good.

Me too; it looks like we’ll see at lot more of her this season.

Agreed. The show and the movie, while obviously sharing many elements, do mine different territories—“bro culture” (and specifically Commonwealth at that) for the movie, and…well, perhaps a wider range of cultural themes for the show.

They are both stellar, and I’m so glad that a fourth season for the show has been greenlit!

My wife was just thrilled to see that Nadja Doll is back :smiley:

I’m just so glad they remembered it. It contains Nadja’s actual soul, right?

Yeah, from the episode where they realized that, since they were dead, they could summon their ghosts. Nadja’s inhabited the doll and decided to stick around 'cause she got along with Vampire Nadja.

It’s still awesome! I like that they are putting Lazlo and Colin Robinson together, and Nadja with Nandor. Mix it up, have some fun!

I want a Nadja doll.

I’ve enjoyed all the seasons (though I felt the first season is still the best), but in a quiet way.

On last night’s episode I laughed as hard and loud as I ever have in this series when, in the boxing ring,

the one boxer knocked his opponent’s head into the stands. Humor comes from the unexpected, right? I was expecting one of them to take a dive, or maybe something happen that was the opposite of what the vamps intended, which is pretty common for them.