What Web Browser Do You Use?

I don’t think this has been done lately, but if so, pardon.

For clarity, I am separating the Mozilla flavors into Mozilla, Netscape and Firefox.
And for Apple users, please specify any Apple-specific browser you guys use, as I’m not real familiar with Mac only browsers. (If there is such a thing)

I don’t want to debate pros and cons of browsers or start yet another platform war, just a poll. Thanks in advance.

I use Firefox 1.0PR under Win 2K Pro.

I use Opera (version 7.54 at the moment) for basically all of my internet browsing. Gmail (and a few other websites) doesn’t work in Opera, so I use Firefox 0.9.3 for that. I have Windows XP Pro.


The latest Firefox (1.0PR?) with Windows XP.

Opera on Linux and Windows XP. Firefox for those sites I have to access but don’t play well with Opera.

Love my Opera browser.

I’m using Mozilla and FireFox on both Mac OS X and PC (mostly Mozilla these days).

I also use Safari (Mac OS X-only browser).


At Home: Mozilla 1.6 mostly, Opera (not sure which version) when I need a quick startup.
At Work: Mozilla on freeBSD

Safari for 99.9% of what I do.
Firefox for GMail.
IE for the three stupid, wretched, broken POS websites I have to use (to pay bills) which cannot seem to figure out that things other than IE exist. :smiley:

I use Firefox for Mac—version 0.8, I think. Safari’s okay and I like the look of it, but Firefox has a feature that Safari lacks that I absolutely must have. I can’t remember what it’s called, but if I have some pages pulled up in Firefox and I shut the browser down, it “remembers” the pages and pulls them up again the next time I use it. Safari can’t do that. Otherwise, I’d just use Safari.

At work I’ve got Safari on the Mac.
At home I too use the latest version of Firefox on Windows XP.

I prefer the Mac.

Firefox 1.0PR

IE ver 5.2, and occaisionally Safari

Mozilla 1.7 on both linux and Win2K.

Mozilla on Windows 2000 Professional.

I’m a recent convert to Opera. For those sites that don’t work on Opera, I continue to use IE.

brian@slakemoth ~ $ firefox --version
Mozilla Firefox 1.0, Copyright © 2004 mozilla.org

Firefox 1.0. Gotta love the tabs and open-sourceness.

Recent convert from NetCaptor (an IE overlay with tabbed browsing) to FoxFire 1.0. I’m a very happy convert.

Firefox and Mozilla. IE for difficult sites (java-wise).