What were ALL Uncle Martin's powers on "My Favorite Martian"?

I remember invisibility and levitating - What else was there?

He could play back audio recordings of musical performances he personally witnessed in the distant past (but if he ingested cinnamon, he became unable to reliably suppress the tendency to do so).

He could construct a camera with the ability to produce a photograph of his subject in the circumstances the subject would be experiencing twenty-four hours in the future.

All I can add to that are mind reading (though I could be wrong about that, it seemed he had advanced ESP). a time machine, and if he had too many unsaturated fats, he dreamed in observable 3-D.

He tended to add powers from time to time so a new story could be written. The most consistent were mind reading, invisibility, and levitation.

It was also stated that that his left index finger could do something – much like his right could levitate objects – but that was never elaborated upon (in an episode where he gave Tim levitation powers).

He had no fingerprints, though that’s not a power.