What were these pills?

I opened the front door of my apartment this morning and discovered a small baggie containing two white pills. “Caplet”-type pills (that is, capsule-shaped, but solid), white, and stamped with the letter “E”. No other markings.

Given the exact location where I found these, the baggie was clearly placed there deliberately. It was right up against the threshold of my door. My apartment door is up three steps from the common walkway, so it wasn’t dropped accidentally, and the baggie was too lightweight to have been thrown over the courtyard wall and just happen to land there, the baggie perfectly parallel to my threshold.

I’m hoping they were just Excederin, but I flushed them just in case.

Look like this?

Yup, just like that. Thanks :slight_smile:

So someone must think something in your place is giving people headaches I guess? :slight_smile:

If you do a google search for “square white pill letter a” you’ll find a lot of parents freaking out over what kind of drugs their kids are getting into.

Prolly meant for a neighbour. However one of those rules-of-thumb that has served me well, is ‘Never ingest tablets you don’t know’.

It’s corollary is 'Never take drugs you find on the street’.

IIRC, you should never flush drugs if you want to get rid of them.

One of the pills would have made you taller, the other would have made you shorter.

Mentha Piperita is no joke!

Sounds like your toilet could use a plunge.

And the ones that mother gives you
Don’t do anything at all.
Go ask Alice
When she’s 10 feet tall.

(10 feet high, anyway)

No–it’s either “Eight Miles High” or “Rocky Mountain High”. :stuck_out_tongue:

On a more serious note, illegal drugs are often stamped to look legit. That way, if the person holding them gets into the mix with the police, they can just say “it’s just Excedrin.”

Agreed that flushing them isn’t the best approach. Your local police department probably has some nexus to DEA or some other law enforcement agency capable of properly disposing of whatever… heck, I’ve taken stuff in to get rid of because an elderly friend died. I knew exactly what the drug was (nothing dangerous, but also not OTC). Don’t flush it; make someone else’s problem.

I assume you can take unused drugs back to the pharmacy or chemist’s. Why in the world would you hand in drugs to a police station?

Some police stations have a drop box where you can dump unneeded prescription drugs so they can be disposed of properly.

ETA: I imagine some pharmacies do as well.

Thank goodness I met you, officer: I was just proceeding in an orderly fashion to the local police-station in order to hand over this strange bag of white powder I found.

What a waste of perfectly good mystery pills. I would have taken one and then sold the other one for like $10 and then go get a slurpee and some jerky.

Hence your username.

Heh!! Howeer, the advice nowadays is NOT to flush them, as there is real concern over the effect on the water supply.

The current recommendation is to adulterate them in some way - e.g. mixing them with coffee grounds or the like, and throw them in the regular trash.