What will be the fate of the Quarantine Zone?

Covid won’t just disappear overnight, but it’s likely there will be fewer threads and discussion about it as the USA reopens (it is a predominantly USA message board)

I assume you’ll just close the forum to new threads, but will it be on the main page forever? Maybe have it drop off next March as the two year anniversary approaches?

One option would be to tag them all as COVID-19 and move them to IMHO or MPSIMS and delete the forum. There are currently 1304 threads, so hopefully there would be a way to script the tagging and then the move.

Another option would be to demote QZ to a subforum under IMHO or MPSIMS.

Or we could just leave it.

You can also mute it yourself from your profile and you will never see it again, if that’s what you want. I do that with the Games, Politics and Marketplace forums and I never see anything about them.

It’s not unthinkable that another novel infectious disease will erupt before COVID-19 becomes passé.

Sad and scary thought.

I hope very much the QZ forum fades away from lack of need.

Hope into one hand, shit into the other . . .

It will all be lost, like tears in the rain.

As I said the last time you suggested that:

Or we’ll need to get a bigger computer. Insert Spooky Music here