What will happen if I send these Amnesty Intl postcards myself?

I got a fundraising letter from Amnesty International today, including a series of preprinted postcards addressed to government officials in the US, Laos, Iran, etc. The postcards advocate the release of specific political prisoners. If I sign these and return them to Amnesty, will they actually mail them? What if I mail them myself? Will they reach an actual individual? Will I wind up on some FBI/CIA watch list for sending mail to the iranian minister of information? Would a letter addressed in english even be understood by the postal systems of iran or laos?

Yes, the idea is that you send them yourself. I suspect that if you send them back to AI, they’ll bin them. Yes, Iran and Laos are capable of understanding mail sent to them - how do you think they cope with anything coming from Europe or America? I’ve sold CDs on Ebay to (genuine) Middle Eastern buyers (and it feels bad having to put a disclaimer in there, because I know it could sound dodgy)

Well, I’ve seen many packages in line at the post office addressed to Asian countries that were addressed both in english and chinese/japanese/etc. And there is a checkbox on the card Im supposed to send back to AI telling them how much my enclosed donation is that says “I’ve enclosed the signed postcards, blah blah”

Oh, OK, I’ve gotten different mailings, from AIUK. In those cases, it was ‘please send these cards’, without any obligation, although there was a separate plea envelope.

Delivering Amnesty letters to the post office, I’ve often wondered how my envelope addressed something like “God’s Holy and Most Esteemed Secretary of Justice Who Shall Be Forever Enlightened, Tripoli, Libya” looks.

Functional equivalent of “Head Mother Fucker in Charge, Tripoli, Libya” isn’t it?