What will you call your afghan now?

For years it’s lain on the arm of your couch or easy chair, offering comfort, warmth and security. Will it still be your “afghan” or will you come up with a new name for it, especially if things get ugly over there?

“Liberty Blanket” of course!


God, people are ridiculous.

You’re looking for something maybe more absorbent, perhaps?

Chill and be creative.

Not so ridiculous, Hello Again. During the various world wars of the 20th century, many things with German names (including people and organizations) got re-named. Damned if I can think of an example right now, though.

Currently, I’m knitting an afghan (doing the beard and turban is very complicated:p). I get asked a lot, “what are you knitting?” If anybody objects to the word “afghan,” I’ll be sure to report in.

But you can always call an afghan a “throw.” But what would you call an Afghan Hound?

Sauerkraut was renamed “liberty cabbage,” hence the sarcasm in Hello Again’s response. The reason for the renaming - in a nutshell - is that people are ridiculous.


I call my afghans big blue afghan, dad’s afghan, Sarah’s afghan, Sarah’s other afghan, multi-colored afghan… creative, huh?

Yeah and weren’t German Shepherds named Alsatians for this purpose? (According to the dictionary, the word “Alsatian” popped up around 1917…Suspicously near WWI.)

As for me, I say call it an afghan. I mean, while the Taliban itself sucks, I don’t have anything against the average Afghanistan citizen.

Being the simplistic lower-middle-class person I am, I’ll call my two handmade-by-Grandma afghans what I’ve always called them: blankets.

I don’t have an Afghan hound, but I do have a Cuban gooseherd. You see, the reason you’ve never seen a dog that looks like Tobias K. Ferguson is because he’s a Cuban breed. And we don’t trade with Cuba! Tobias is descended from a small pack of CGs Desi Arnaz brought for Lucille Ball from his homeland.

(Okay, fine. So Toby’s a shelter mutt. Sheesh…)

For the record, our VonSonntags dropped the “Von” and took to pronouncing it “Sun-tag” to avoid anti-German sentiment during The War. I don’t know what our Dietrichs did.

For many years, our family has had its own name for afghans, throws, quilts, etc. – especially of the homemade variety.

We call them “cuddy-ups.”

Because you cuddle up in them.

A Persian, naturally. :wink:

I have always called them “afghanistans.” I don’t intend to change my ways. That would be letting the terrorists win.

The couch-blanket-throw-thingy.


Y’know, the couch-blanket-throw-thingy. The thing on the couch, y’know, it’s like a blanket. And it’s soft, and blanket-like, and on the couch… yeah?