What will your tombstone look like?

I passed by a shop today that sells tombstones. Many different shapes, but all traditional. I don’t want a boring one like that on my grave. But what? A rectangular slab 1x4x9 in proportions might be cool (that’s the shape of the monolith in 2001), but may be a bit too fragile. A block or sphere made of stainless steel might be nice too, it’ll always be the shiniest one in the cemetary.

So what kind would you choose?

Pepperoni with extra cheese.

I love Tombstone.

Seeing as my real wishes are illegal (drag my bones out to the woods and dig a hole) I want something different as well. I like the monolith idea or maybe a stone EZ-Chair (hey some people have benches).

I won’t need a tombstone; I plan to be cremated.


Even if you are cremated, won’t you need a grave or tombstone, just as a symbol or as a place to keep the ashes? That’s what we do in Japan, the lower compartment of the tombstone contains the ashes. I’d probably get cremated too, I don’t want to rot in the earth.

The ez-chair idea is nice, except it reminds me too much of the Oklahoma City memorial.

I don’t want a grave or tombstone. I don’t want to be put in the ground, period.

If possible, I want my ashes scattered where I am at my happiest and most peaceful - the ocean.


Page 66 of “The Alien Life of Wayne Barlowe.” Also printed in “Barlowe’s Inferno,” but I don’t know the page number.

Delusions of grandeur? Me? Naaaaw. :slight_smile:


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Inscription: It was only a character.
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Tombstone? Bah-Pschh. Cryostasis is the way to go.

I plan to be buried(or have my ashes interred) at a small cemetery in the country, west of Topeka here in Kansas. It’s not a family cemetery but there are four generations of my mother’s families there, starting in the 1880’s. I would like a small obelisk, to match some of the very old grave markers that are already in the cemetery. As I will be the only person with my surname there, on three sides of the obelisk I would have carved the three names of family related to me. On the front will go my name and date of birth. But instead of having a date of death I would like it to say reborn , instead of died. And if there is room I want the Scripture verse from Job “I know that my Redeemer lives…”

I got that reborn idea from someone who had the same thing on there portion of the AIDS quilt.

Like this.

I was mildly thinking something alone these lines (and it’s in my home city, too), but it lacks class.

I’d like to be cremated and have at least a portion of my ashes shot into space - expensive, I know, but hey - I’m sure there’s a NASA techy here somewhere. If not, someone here’s gotta work for the European or Russian space agencies. Consider it a favour?

It’ll be simple laid in the ground with elegant readable
script on it.
Lauren Pezzuto
Buried Alive- Have a nice Day.

None for me, thanks. I don’t need to own any real estate after I die.

I want to be cremated and the ashes used as fertilizer for a lilac bush dug up out of the yard. If I find out I’m buried whole and stuck under a slab of granite I’m going to come back to life and kill someone.

Pine box hopefully. A marker with an angel with her head down. Like the basic head on the desk during movies at school, asleep. I saw this in a book and I just thought it looked really cool and sad.

Already got it. . .

A red granite rectangle flush with the ground, with surname, first name and dates of birth and death. There’s a cross intertwined with a rose on the left side, and the words “In God’s Hands” incised on the bottom. When they put my wife’s name on it I made sure to leave enough space for mine.

I’m going to be cremated first, though. I do not want to be whole and in a box.

I would rather my body be tossed in the woods for wild dogs and other scavengers to consume. But that is illegal.

So I’ll settle for…

She didn’t want this.