What would be your teleportation list?

Based on this thread.

Assume you’re one of the lucky people who is given a ring. According to the rules you can pre-set up to six destinations on the ring. We’ll assume that once they’re set they can’t be erased. And you have to make the setting at the location so that means you have to travel there by conventional means.

What six locations would you set in your ring?

Work, Grocery store, Kid’s school, my favorite neighborhood bar, Parents (who live out of state) and some tropical islnd resort somewhere.

Yeah, the ring would probably be wasted on me. :slight_smile:

Home, + one one each continent, less Antarctica.

I’ll handle local transit myself. By buying a Honda Cub. Goes everywhere, sold everywhere.

Hm, Ramstein in Germany, London England, Kyoto Japan, Cairns Australia, Fresno California US, and of course home.

Fresno because mrAru is from California, and it makes it easier to get to Castroville for the artichokes, Ramstein to get a rental car to bomb around western Europe, London for teatime, Cairns for the beaches and diving the Great Barrier Reef, and Kyoto for the food. [though I would be open for suggestions for a better bind spot in Japan.]

My major’s “headquarters” at my college. My other half’s college. My parents’ house.

Uh…hm. It seems dumb to put anything else on this list that’s within a mile of the stuff I just listed :stuck_out_tongue: I guess my other three choices would be:
Both places I work in the summer–so I can work there during school, haha.

For fun: Chicago or New York (can’t decide), because both cities seem so vast to me, and have endless amounts of stuff to discover and explore. And skyscrapers still astound me :smiley:

Just a mile each trip?

I guess it’d have to be into the vaults of the three local banks and then back home, followed by a trip to the local gastro pub and back.

Reno, Prague, Dubai

That covers my “homes”, so the rest would be my other favorite cities:

Istanbul, Hong Kong, Malé (Maldives)

No, you can go anywhere within a mile at will. The six pre-sets are in addition to this and have unlimited range.

And you’d have to convince all three banks to let you go inside the vaults first so you could set your ring there.

:smack: My reading comprehension is misfiring.

OK then my first stop would be the ISS (if they allowed me) on the pretext I could save them some money by taking supplies later on. After that Christchurch (New Zealand), Rio, Jo’burg, London and Vienna; I would buy a house in each city with the cash NASA gave me :wink:

Laundry room would definitely be one 3 flights of stairs is a real pain in the ass.

It’s not a mile each trip. You can teleport up to a mile so long as you can see your destination, and also set 10 preset destinations you can teleport to at will as long as you travel there by mundane means first.

That would make skydiving an all day thing. Teleport way up with a chute, fall, and teleport back up before you hit the ground. Assuming you leave the teleportation BAMF at 0 velocity, you don’t even need the chute - just port over to the ground when you’re done.

London and New York so I could pop up for the evening and see a play any time I felt like it. My parents’ house, and probably my brother and sister-in-law’s house (not so sure about this because they may well be moving in the next few years, and I can’t think of any earthly reason why I’d want a direct link to Salt Lake City after they’re gone). Definitely somewhere in Spain. (Are you allowed to travel around by mundane means once you’re there? If so, I pick Madrid since it’s nice and central; if not, I want somewhere coastal and pretty.) And, finally, Chapel Hill, NC, because I miss living there, and because instant access to a major university library would be really convenient.

Chicago, so I can visit friends and family there more easily.

Three local shopping areas that are a PITA to get to by bus.

The other slots I’ll hold in reserve for now until I figure out where else I might want to travel.

Amsterdam (or maybe London), Bangkok, Sydney, Rio, some place in Hawaii or the south Pacific, and NYC.

When I read the thread title I assumed that some people would be choosing off-world destinations (Mars say), so it’s a little surprising that nobody wants to take a vacation (yeah, with full spacesuit etc.) on say Triton or Europa.

Edit: read the fine print in the OP. Party pooper…

Between now and the end of the year, my wife and I will be going to Boston to visit one child, Seattle to visit a second one and NY to visit the third. Then we will be making in February, our 11th trip to Barbados. That plus home makes five destinations. I think I would leave the last open in case one of the kids moves.

Definitely my sister’s house in Buffalo, and my best friend’s house in Ferndale, MI… and my current home. It’s also important to be able to get home.

…have to think about the rest. Is there any hurry to set them?

I would demonstrate one or two uses of the ring to the government to show it worked, then get them to expedite a Moon and followup Mars mission for me ASAP.

6 locations

  1. Somewhere in Toronto. I’m going to pick something more public since once I have all these set up I plan to sell my house and only visit to see friends. Probably a corner in an historic building so it doesn’t end up bricked in.
  2. Kauai
    3,4 - Bank vault or cashiers cage with a large amount of liquid funds. This will require research and planning.
  3. Sydney, Australia
  4. Seriously, you think I’m going to tell you all my secrets?