What Would Freud Say About This?

A new unit moved into a bunch of empty cubes next my unit a few weeks ago. In the new group there is this one particular woman who caught my eye right away. It’s not something I would act on because there is a considerable age difference. She isn’t super attractive but something about her just drew me to her and I couldn’t help but think naughty thoughts about her younger version and myself.

Then, in a horrific turn of events, I realized why I was so attracted to her. I realized what drew me in about her.

:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: SHE RESEMBLES MY MOM!!! :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

:slight_smile: Sounds like Oedipus in action to me!


Well, it depends, Amp. Is your mom hot?
[sub]Sorry, I couldn’t resist.[/sub]

Aw jeez, I know this is an anonymous message board but do you have to share everything?

So, yeah. Is your mom smokin’ hot or what?

I had a Cockney friend who I thought had an Oedipus complex.

Turns out he just can’t stand cats.
Go figure…

I had a Cockney friend who I thought had an Oedipus complex.

Turns out he just can’t stand cats.
Go figure…

Btw… Got any pics of Mommy?

Sick, man. Sick.

Do you have a sister named Stacy?

That’s very normal.

I have come to realize that girls I like resemble my mom to me, even when they don’t really look anything like her. When they look good, sweet, and I have an impression of their character being solid, I “see” my mom in them for a flash, even when there’s no real resemblance.

I groped my mom’s ass on a dance floor once.

Okay you can’t tell PART of a story like that…wanna splain? Or am I going to be really sorry I asked?

“There once was man named Oedipus Rex, you may have heard about his odd complex, his name appears in Freud’s index, cause he loved his mother.” with apologies and attribution to the songmeister incomparable Tom Lehrer.

quiltguy154 – you’re a Tom Lehrer fan too? I knew there was something I liked about you besides your skill at word-mangling. :smiley:

“First you get down on your knees
Fiddle with your rosaries
Bow your head with great respect
And genuflect! Genuflect! Genuflect!”

(ETF exits, stage left, dancing and singing)

Freude Shmeude!

Here’s what Jung said:


I went to visit my brother one year. Living far apart, I’d never met his girlfriend.
I walked in the do to the shock of my life! There stood my long dead mother but much younger.
when I was next alone with brother I asked if that was the attraction.
A look of recognition then horror swept his face. He hadn’t seen it. They broke up. Too bad, I liked her, felt safe… wait… never mind.

Freud would probably yawn and then call his coke dealer.

I call my Orange Crush, Steve!
But I would never call my Coke, Dealer.
'E’s more like a Bruce or a Tim.

The reason people begin to look like their spouses after a few years is that they tend to marry folks who look like the opposite-sex parent.

When one of my relatives died, we found an old picture of my grandmother in her 20’s. None of us had seen this pic before. She was a dead ringer for my brother 2nd wife, the one who had his two kids.