Serious Question for the dopers here..don't move it

How many of us had sexual dreams about their dear old momma? I had my very first dream 2 weeks ago and the freaking dream keeps haunting me like herpes, I can’t get past the fact that I had an orgasm, I’m close to wanting to kill myself right now.

someone anyone just tell me this is fucking normal and I’ll be okay. :frowning:

Happy mother’s day!!!


No offense intended, I’m sure yr not alone. Thank god it’s never happened to me.

it was a one-time dream only, I guess i’ve been kind of stressed lately about getting my mom a present, but i didn’t know it would stress me out to this point. I feel so sick right now. :frowning:

If you live in West Virginia, you’re OK.

There’s a whole complex based on the desire to sleep with one’s mother.

Of course, Oedipus gouged out his own eyes and wandered the hills for the remainder of his life, but that’s just one way you could go.

that doesn’t help me much right now …but I think i’m dealing with it now, I was pretty stressed about not getting my mom a present today, I going to get her something really real good next mother’s day.

Or you could give her a present just a little late instead of waiting a whole year. Just an idea - I don’t mean to add to your stress.

But if you do get her a present, be careful about what you write on the card. There’s such a thing as “Too Much Information.” :slight_smile:

If you’re a Tasmanian, it’s to be expected.
Me, nope !

Damn fellas, just freak the guy out more than he already is…

Mr Zero: I’m no dream expert so I won’t even try to give you any kind of professional advice here but you obviously don’t want to have sex with your mom and you obviously didn’t want to have the dream. You have absolutely nothing to fret about, I’m sure people have these kinds of dreams all the time.

It could very easily be representative of something else. For instance: I’ve heard (I stress “heard” because I take dream interperatations with a boulder of salt) that dreaming about sex with your parents is not actually indicative of anything sexual at all and it just simply means that you’re homesick. Maybe it was a mental reminder of mother’s day. Any way you look at it though I wouldn’t take a dream to seriously.

Yeah - I’ve heard that sex in a dream with someone you know merely indicates your subconcious telling you that you need to get closer to them, i.e. see them more often.

When was the last time you saw your momma?

Of course, it would be nice if the subconcious could choose a slightly less embarrassing why of making its point…


A couple of decades ago, my father and I weren’t speaking to one another for most of a year. Needless to say, my subconscious was on to this; I dreamed about him all the time.

Fortunately, not one of the dreams involved sex.

Never had sex dreams about Mom, either.

Dreams tend to be symbolic. Your mother in the dream is symbolic of something or someone else. Get past the “AAAAAAHHHHHHHhhhhhh” idea and then you might be able to figure it out.
I got my mom a nice candle for mother’s day. She loved it.

Use some gestalt therapy here. It suggests that everything in your dream is you. Dogs, cats, your mama, they are all some facet of YOU.

Roleplay the people in your dream, and come up with the reasons why they’re there. Roleplay your mama. Why would she wanna have sex with you?

Thanks for turning me off permanently.

Awwww sweetie, dont feel bad.

I dreampt the other night that the guy from Airwolf was feeling me up!

As a self proclaimed expert, I can tell you that the mom in your dream does not represent your MOTHER, but actually represents what you DESIRE in a mate. You want a woman just like the one who married dear old dad - nothing, I repeat NOTHING - wrong with that!!

You did NOT dream about your mother, you are not a freak. You had an erotic dream about a woman who (in your dream) is represented by a replica of your mother.

Thats all it is, the object of your lust is NOT your mother, your subconcious made her look like that to show she is a safe loving person etc etc.

Does this make sense hun? Please dont feel bad!

and lobley, you are a jerk for posting that, he feels bad enough! Do you think its appropriate to post to a thread asking for advice in that manner???

Am I the only one who reads this in a less-than-wholesome way in this sort of thread?

walks in, sees question in OP
Sweet Jeezus!
exits swiftly

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Thanks kellibelli, that actually makes me feel better about the whole dream thing.
Duly noted Uncle Beer, cool name btw.

Actually, I don’t think dreams have any specific meaning. It is just random discharges of neurons in your brain.

I wouldn’t sweat it. Like others have said, you didn’t want to have the dream, any more than you had any control over any other dreams you have had.