What would this phrase variation be in latin?

One of the common latin phrases of our times is “Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?” or “who watches the watchmen?”.

What would it be for “who edits the editor?”. I had an opportunity to make that joke recently but didn’t know the latin version so I couldn’t (and it just sounds like a normal question in english).

p.s. if you’re curious editors (even the chief) have copy editors who preview their work for typos and such.

Something like “Quis corrigit correctorem/editorem ipsum?”

“Editor” is of course originally a Latin word itself, but in Latin it means more literally “one who puts out, publisher” than “one who edits/corrects”.

Moved CS --> GQ.

Google Translate suggests: Qui in recensiones redactorem? (Actually, its first suggestion was “Qui in malis meis edidit?”, but that lost the rhetoric of using the same root word twice, so I played with it a bit. I know no Latin at all, so I hope someone else can come and repair the damage I did.)

Well, I like “redactor,” but the interrogative pronoun must be quis. Kimstu’s translation is perfectly fine.

How about quis redigit redactorem ipsum?