What Would You Do To Buy A Wedding Dress

I kid you not. This is the lead story on this morning’s news. Women have been waiting in line overnight to buy wedding dresses on sale from Filene’s Basement, including one woman on crutches who drove at least 6 hours to get here. This is not Boston, and it’s the first time it’s been done in this town, but still!! At the Boston store, according to this story, not only do women wait overnight, but they’ve been known to strip the (tied down) racks in less than 1 minute. Before this turns into a Pit rant, let me ask the question.

Would you wait overnight to buy a wedding dress, braving crowds? If so, why? If not, what would you do? How about taking a day off from work?

I’m female, unconventional and cheap, but I couldn’t do that. Back when I was engaged and broke, however, I was planning on sewing my own dress.


No, because I’m lazy.
Of course it depends on how cheap they were going for.

My mum was very happy to make my wedding dress (it was gorgeous, BTW). So no, I wouldn’t bother going to a sale like that.

Basically I value my life too much.

I eloped - and I was wearing my khaki uniform - so I’m probably not typical, but ain’t no way I’d spend the night on the street to get a dress. In fact, I’m cheap enough that I’d probably start shopping at consignment stores. Hundreds or thousands for a dress you wear for a few hours?? That’s just nuts…